Joke Galore: The Rise Of Fun

1. In a biology class, the teacher asked a question.

TEACHER: Class! What do we find in cells?

Me: Thieves.

2. Your boyfriend left his phone unlocked with you instead of you to transfer money from his account into your own and delete the alert you are busy reading his chat with other girls And you think you have sense.

3. Have you ever used someone’s charger and it charges your phone so fast and you felt like stealing it?

Come out and let’s pray for ourselves.

4. I don’t brag about what I can do, Mathematics is in my blood.

5000 – 5 = 000.

5. If you know you left space in your biology notebook for diagram and didn’t draw it, Gather here for our meeting.

6. Assuming say na only people wey get up to 10k for account go wake up today, naso I for take die throway.

God am grateful.

7. If you have opportunity to flog me how many strokes of cane will you give me?

I want to know wicked people here.

8. I invite u to come and eat pepper soup, you wash two hands, me wey pay for d pepper soup go baff nah…

9. Some people are scared of getting married and having children because of their childrens assignments.

10. That credit alert you have been waiting for Will DRAIN your battery this week in Jesus Name!

You want to type ‘Amen’ abi?

Did you work for anyone that you are expecting alert?

Keep saying Amen, ohh, don’t go and work.

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