If you are not a fan, we’re not trying to change your mind. This list will remain objective.

Trust God

Trust GodIn her Bentley related post, she spoke about turning 30 and feeling hopeless. 

It’s hard to clock the big 30 feeling like you’re not where you want to be or you haven’t achieved much. 

Keep praying and working hard because God has a surprise for you. 

He hasn’t revealed Himself because it simply isn’t the best time for you. Do your part and trust Him. 


DreamIt’s not enough to simply work and pray. Dream. 

Visualize how you want your life to be because if you can’t do that with your life, nobody will do it for you. 

Dream Big!

Ignore the Naysayers

Ignore the Naysayers This is Nigeria. 

The society is asking for your achievements at every chance they get. 

What is she doing with her life? Why is he jobless at this stage? When is the wedding? 

But when you start the small business, they are pushing you down. 

When you get the job, they are laughing at your pay. 

And when you throw the party, they start asking why your wedding hall was too small. 

Ignore people and live you life on your own terms. 

Start Small But Amass That Wealth.

Start Small But Amass That WealthNigerians use the term, ‘Blow’ when you hit it big. It can be likened to an explosion but nobody really blows because you don’t just go from 0 to 100.

There’s something called a process and it is that toil that lies between 0 and 100.

So while you’re in that stage, do not give up because you have a wealth to amass.

Do not forget. 

Be Consistent

Be Consistent Imagine Linda Ikeji put the ‘half-ass’ approach into her blog and life. She wouldn’t be buying a Bentley in 2018. 

Be consistent with your life. 

And that’s it fellas. So go out with a renewed energy and hustle your way into wealth.

And that's it fellas. So go out with a renewed energy and hustle your way into wealth. We believe in you!

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