Assuming Nigeria Succeded In Going To War With Isreali…

ASSUMING this Nigeria vs Israel planned war was recorded in the Bible it will be like:
The Book Of 5th chronicle chapter 1
says and I read…

1: And in the days when Muhammadu the son of Buhari from the town of daura in Kastina was King of Nigeria and in the 3rd year of his reign.
2: Behold Lai the son of Muhammed who was the minister of Information that he spake ill unto the nation of Israel saying “3weeks i give thee deport Nnamdi kanu or we shall smite thee.”
3: And after hearing this the Israelites pressed a button and from the midst of the sea behold a mighty missile carrying a nuclear warhead was launched and it destroyed Nigeria turning it into a Wilderness.

4: And when the rest of Africa saw this they
cried “Oh Nigeria a great country with great people has become a desert and a desolation for radioactivity oh nigeria we weep for thee because you have allowed lai the son of Mohammed to lead you into Kasala!


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