Knowledge Is Power: Know Your Bank Transfer USSD Codes

Transfer codes:GTB_(*737#) Fidelity Bank_(*770#) First Bank_(*894#) Sterling Bank_(*822#) Skye Bank_(*833#) UBA_(*919#) EcoBank_(*326#) Zenith Bank_(*966#) Stanbic Bank_(*909#) Access Bank Bank_(*901#) Wema Bank_(*945#) Diamond Bank_(*426#) Unity Bank_(*389*215#) Heritage Bank_(*322#) KeyStone Bank_(*322 *082#) Union Bank_(*389*038#) Fcmb_(*329#) or _(*389 *214#) EcoBank_(*326#) Ja’iz Bank (*389*301#)

ImpactField Celebrates International Day Of Education

ImpactField Global Youth Initiative celebrates International Day of Education, implores students to be diligent in learning. The youth-led, student friendly Non-Governmental Organization, ImpactField Global Youth Initiative encourages secondary students to be diligent in their studies as it is through effective learning that people live peacefully and the planet experience prosperity. The team members of the … Read moreImpactField Celebrates International Day Of Education

Joke Galore

1. The same person hating you Is going through your pictures… Telling their tailor, “Sew it like this” πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ God is watching and telling me. 2. Somebody will be doing monthly subscription 6 times in a month please am confused how many months do we have in a month. 3. No woman form against my … Read moreJoke Galore

Joke Galore

1. The moment I knew Nigeria was in trouble was when someone stole his neighbor’s white goat and dyed it black, only for the neighbor to say he recognized the goat by it’s smileπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ 2. The best strategy to win arguements is to have serious mouth odour, dey will just be nodding their head in … Read moreJoke Galore

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