Brief History Of Africa And Nigeria

Africa continent is made up of 54 countries. Africa is 132 million years old the same age when Africa was separated from South America. Africa is popularly known for the ancient Egyptain pyramids and also known for the origin of civilization. Civilization started in Africa in Egypt. Africa means sunny and also the hottest place on earth.

Nigeria a country located in the western part of Africa became an independent state in 1960 and a republican state in 1963. The name Nigeria was given by Mrs flora Shaw she got the name Nigeria from the river Niger. The word Niger means black The Nigeria flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959 and was official in 1960. The flag consist of two colors green and white, the green stands for agriculture while the white stands for unity. The Nigeria anthem was adopted in 1978 by the Nigeria police led by Benedict .E Odiasi.
The Nigeria coat of arm was introduced in may 20 1960.

Nigeria became a federal state in 1954 which was introduced by OLIVER LYTILETON CONSTITUTION OF 1954 and an independent and democratic state in 1960.

Nigeria was colonized by the British using the indirect rule The indirect rule system was introduce by Fedrick Lord Lugard. It was introduced in 1906 and in 1914 Fredrick Lord Lugard amalgated Nigeria into southern and northern protractorate.
Before 1900 Nigeria was ruled by the Royal Niger company.

The first military coup took place in Egypt in 1952.

While d first military coup in Nigeria was in 15th January 1966
The largest country in Africa is

Algeria by land mass while Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa

Do u Kwn dat it was in 1958 London conference dat the British decide to give Nigeria independent

And in 1959 the first election was conduct n gave Dr nnamdi Azikiwe a ceremony president.

The most free and fair election in Nigeria is the June 12 1993 election.

In 1954 Pa Anthony Enahoro move d motion dat Nigeria should be granted self govt

First political party in Nigeria was NNDP1923 by Herbert Marculay.

Follow by NYM in 1944.

Den the NCNC of 1952 form by the Nigeria student union.

Ghana got her independence 1956.

The book dual citizenship was written by Helen Hughes.

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