Things That Cause Regret At Old Age

THINGS THAT CAUSE REGRET AT OLD AGE When younger we make various choice’s without the future in mind. Sometimes those choices bite us in our mid-life. These are some of the things one might regret when they’re older. 1. Marrying the wrong person When you’re young, check your motives for marrying. Don’t marry to copy … Read moreThings That Cause Regret At Old Age

The Good And The Bad Prophecies

“GOOD AND BAD PROPHESIES 1” SCRIPTURE READING: 1 Kings 22:1-11 EXPOSITION: It is intriguing how in these days people line up for all forms of prophecies in Churches – job, marriage, foreign travel and many more. People line up to receive the next direction for the next activity of life from these professional prophets who … Read moreThe Good And The Bad Prophecies

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