JokeMania: The Science Of Subjects

You Had sex with him because you both had CHEMISTRY. Okay When BIOLOGY happens, hope he has the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING to take care of your HOME ECONOMICS, especially with the ECONOMICS of this present region of GEOGRAPHY called Africa. Young girl first do the MATHEMATICS, analyze his COMMERCE, forget grammar whether he speaks ENGLISH LANGUAGE … Read moreJokeMania: The Science Of Subjects

If The Characters From “The Lion King” Were Nigerians

How exactly would things have turned out? As the sun rises over the Pride Lands, a new prince is born and all the animals acknowledge him as their future king. In the shadows, angry and frustrated, is his evil uncle who wants the throne at any cost. His uncle eventually kills the king, banishes the … Read moreIf The Characters From “The Lion King” Were Nigerians

JokeMania: The Husband And Wife Argument

HMMMM………… A husband and wife were arguing one morning, about who had better friends. So they decided to find out, here’s what they did. Husband calls wife’s friends one after the other… Husband: Hello madam, my wife didn’t sleep at home last night, and I can’t reach her, is she with you or did she … Read moreJokeMania: The Husband And Wife Argument