Dis Life No Get Balance

This life no balance

Shey dem been de celebrate Mercy the other day say she win 60m for BB Naija and some people come de vex de wish say na dem.

You remember that year wey Davido buy one motor like that for Chioma, how much be the car again? I hear say na 45m and he come use diamond ring wey worth millions again come propose to am. Just the gifts alone don pass wetin Mercy win.

Relax first, I no de beef anybody, follow me to the end.

You remember that nigga “E money?” January dis year im been buy 3 cars wey been worth 250m, 156m and 80m for himself, wife and one comedian like that. You see how dem dey throw money? But he never enter Forbes list.

Life no balance.

Shey Dangote na the richest black man, abi? But him na number 136 for people wey rich for the world…

No go kill yourself, life no balance.

Shey C. Ronaldo and Messi get money pass for footballers?

You know that young man Zuckerberg, e fit pay them till dem die and he no go even feel am.

Life no balance.

Oya make we nack this one…

You know that boxer wey them de call Mayweather?

That guy watch alone worth 18 million dollars.. Convert am for naira and tell me how much e be.

Davido net worth as Forbes take talk am na 16 m dollars… Mayweather watch alone don pass Davido net worth. Ordinary watch wey no fit show us time wey Angel Michael go take blow trumpet…

After reading this you go still Wan kill yourself cos say you no get money.

Chill jhoor, buy cool drink, if you get money add am suya. Tell dj make he play “Can’t kill myself” by Timaya for you. If dj no de there, use your phone.

As d music de play, de tap your feet for ground, de nod your head like lizard, dey feel yourself like say you be Bill gates, life no de two.

If you no get money at all to buy drink or suya, still chill, go church and thank God for good health, e no easy.

Appreciate God for life, be content with what you have, be thankful even as you work harder for more.

God go answer all our prayers one day.

The summary of this message is “Be contented with what you have, no one has it all”.

Life no balance and e no fit ever balance!
#Note: Be yourself

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