Joke Galore

1. To all virgins who are wondering how does sex feel like, well, its 10 times the feeling you get when cleaning your ears.

2. Yesterday I proposed to my girlfriend, and she started crying and i collected my ring back because I promised to never make her cry.

3. When you try to cheer yourself up by singing when you’re sad Only to find out that your voice is worse than your problems.


4. January has been divided into two:

North January comprises those who still have some December salary left and South January those who will be living by the grace of God.

I know Where I belong but please don’t ask me.

5. Do u feel jealous when
others are progressing? If yes then put your right hand on your chest and say Oh Lord! I am a witch kill

6. Expensive phones don’t make much noise when ringing even the volume is full but the problem is this cheap ones, even when the volume is at 1, it will ring like an ambulance carrying a cholera patient.

7. Have you ever been next to people who gossip so much that you’re even scared of leaving them cause you know you will be the next topic.

8. I heard my neighbors child singing; Palent listen to your shoedlen, we ar the lizards of tomollow, come and pray our school figs, and give us the sun edumention.

chai… Na faint I dey.

9. Between send me your account details and baby please off the light which statement gives the most joy?

10. If you don’t comment on our posts, just comment the time and location where we can meet and fight, No waste of time.

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