Joke Galore: Decade Jokes For Fun

1. After smoking weed today,i saw my father beating my daddy in front of my papa.

2. I am soo sick and tired of eating the same thing.
When are new animals coming out??

3. I once cried over a heart break but after eating fried rice and chicken, I drank coke then I realized that it’s just hunger.

4. My sister, dating a rich man doesn’t make you rich, A break up can send you right back to default settings.

5. You think people are offline ?
Try posting a Nude and see. You wont even know what time your grandmother logged in…

6. Big boobs, are only attractive in bras, but remove the bras and see How the walls of JERICHO COLLAPSED.

You will hear braaaaa, like a garage door.

7. I think angel Michael should visit the rain department in heaven the way rain is pouring ehn its like one pipe don burst there.

8. Have you noticed that children of 1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1995, looks more younger than children of 2000,2001,2002,2003.

9. If not for the love I have for Nokia touch light how much is iPhone 11 that someone cannot buy.

10. Someone asked me if pastor’s wife do scream during sex and I replied, where do you think “Pastor Ride On, Sir!” came from.

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