Joke Galore: Enjoy Yourself

1. Stay with your broke boyfriend before someone else uses you to buy Benz for his real girlfriend.

2. Imagine going to a native doctor to kill somebody only for you to find out that the native doctor is the person father.

3. Do you notice that nowadays you will look for a job until looking for a job become your job chai oluwa oo.

4. Dear girlfriend if you want to cheat, cheat with someone I can beat, don’t come and hurt me twice.

5. Somebody somewhere hates you so much because of how ur Ex describe you to them.

6. My broda when your girlfriend decides to leave you, let her go. Girls are like cloth, you can never be naked no matter how poor you are.

7. The guy barbing my hair just had a call from his girlfriend and they broke up now now… you need to see the way I look now.

8. Davido born, you post am everywhere.

When your Uncle born, we no see anything.

Reason am, e make sense?

9. Just because I gave this goat a lift,
People are now saying rubbish like
I stole it… So human cannot help animals anymore?

10. Original girlfriend don’t comment on their boyfriend’s pictures. They monitor comment section and screen shot the suspicious ones for quarrel.

Extra: Imagine the charger I bought with my own money has the guts to shock me.

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