Joke Galore: Fun For Good Health

1. Am going to the hospital cos I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Each time I close my eyes I can’t see.

I think am sick.

2. If you know you threw your tooth on top of the roof for a new teeth to grow.

Gather here let’s laugh at ourselves.

3. Not all those who put your picture on their D.P loves you ooooooo. If you will challenge, go ask the cockroach, its picture on the insecticide containers.

Hope am speaking to somebody?

4. They say it is good to express yourself. So today I told my boss to dash me the company and now his secretary is coming with a letter.

I think he has given me the company.

5. Chubby girls are sent from God because God does things in a big way but I don’t know who sent the slim girls.
Lemme coman and be going before they slap me o…

6. A prostitute went to the clinic because her private hair had stopped growing. She asked the doctor what could be the cause. The doctor looked at her and responded, “have you ever seen grass growing on a busy road???

7. It’s only in Africa that people will go to the hospital and start confusing Doctors.. They be like, “Doctor I’m having chest pains all over my body, from my head to my toes”.

8. NEPA is the Major cause of unwanted
Pregnancy in Nigeria Because Everythng starts when she Enters the Room to
Charge Her Phone.

9. Our pastor said a virgin from the choir should take the opening prayer.

Brethren we have been waiting since 9am -2pm.

10. My girlfriend found a lipstick in my pocket, I admitted straight away that I’m cheating.
I don’t want her to know that I’m selling makeup kits.
I wanna eat my money alone.

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