Joke Galore: Hi5 Monday

1. I dont know why the faces of fine girls use to look familiar to my fellow guys.

The will be like; ‘Babe, your face looks familiar, seem like I know you from somewhere…’

My broda stop dah shit, you dont know her from anywhere.

2. The worst part of dating a rich man is that breakup💔 is usually announced by the gateman🙆‍♂. “Oga say make i no open gate for you😭😭”. ..


3. If I tell you that 1 × 3 is different from 3 × 1, you will definitely argue that it isn’t what you learned at school.

But the day the doctor will prescribe 1 × 3 and you apply 3 × 1, you will know that a car can become an ambulance.

4. Please anyone has any fairly used gulfriend 😛😛should please lend me😜 I will return her by dis time next week Sunday🤣🤣🤣🤣…..

5. There are sins dat can’t be forgiven
How can someone use church Wi-fi to download Porn😒

Tomorrow you will start shouting “Ekwueme Ekwueme, Eze no one like you oooh”.✋🤚

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