Joke Galore: Joke Maniacs

1. If you’re owing me money and i tell you ‘How far’ I’m not asking about your well being stop replying ‘fine’ please pay me my money.

2. When your babe starts replying you with “whatever” or “Na you sabi” your relationship data is remaining 5mb.

3. Everything in Nigeria is just upgrading to the extent that my Mom doesn’t count the meats in the pot any more She now #Snaps it.

4. Chest pain is when u don’t have a car bt bae keeps posting front seat selfies.

5. IF YOUR PUSSY can take 4 fingers its’s no longer a pussy it’s a pocket.

Don’t argue with me.

6. Madness is when you put a girl on profile pic while others put her on bed.

7. So I will na carry my Virginity to 2021. Am ashamed of the girls in my village.

So you girlys cannut comman and collect it from me??

8. When a man with healthy sperm comes into ur life, Ur hips and ur boobs will start growing And people start asking which cream you use.

9. Important Advice To Guys

Learn how to romance your woman and stop twisting her nipple as if you are searching for a radio station.

10. Very soon Nigeria police will be like, ‘Oga your plate number is Lagos so What are you doing here in Abuja?’

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