Joke Galore: Jollification Over Haul

1. Witchcraft is when you can’t use your wife’s toothbrush, but you kiss her daily even before brushing.

2. I asked a Chinese girl for her number. She said, “Sex! Sex! Sex! Free Sex tonight!” I said , wow “Then her friend said, she means 666-3629”.

3. Madam give me my 15naira change stop telling me to use am take maggi.

4. For Governor or President you need just O’level. But for a job of 70k dey will require 2nd class upper with 20 years experiences.

Madness & useless generation

5. Single at age 35 and you still ask guys “Where did you get my number?” Aah grandma you are stubborn!!!

6. My Pastor gave me 7days fasting it’s still The 2nd day and am already seeing my shadow drinking coke with Gala.

7. Someone got rich & famous bcos of body odour & ur telling me to bath…Oga keep ur advise.

8. Just 3days into October some people have already had sex,


9. The Worst News You can give a Nigerian on his way Home is

Our Transformer don Blow.

10. Only yoruba will kill 10 cows for an occasion of 30 people and they will still tell you meat has finished
Kilode gan!!??

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26 thoughts on “Joke Galore: Jollification Over Haul

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