Joke Galore: Laugh Till You Get Pissed

1. I only want one girlfriend but if God gives me Five, Who am i to say no?

2. Woman are like Bank Account.Once you don’t have money they Give you funny Warnings.

3. If women are the problems of men.

Then one woman should have been enough for a man.
Why jumping from one problem to Another?

4. My next relationship will be sealed in a shrine. You break my heart you run mad… I break your heart you still run mad.


5. If Satan start distributing money on a road side now, you will see some girls calling him “satanisco santo my guy”.

6. Hustle ooo! so people no go dey tell you say you no fit marry from imo state ooo

7. You are there pretending to be from a very rich family on instagram,Whatsaap, fb etc. Wait till they kidnap you and ask ur father for 5M when he doesn’t have airtime to call them back.

8. Can u remember when you used to wait at 12am so, u could make a free night call with ur lover? How far de relationship NOW?

9. How many of you can beat ur chest and say “Am not double dating”?

For me, I cannot beat the chest that is paining me ooh.

10. After sending her transport money, he called her to talk to her but her boyfriend picked and told him we have seen it.

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