Joke Galore: Laughter Is Priceless

1. A man who is a citizen of Nigeria
is called: Nigerian.

A man who is a citizen of Mali
is called what?

2. Good News!!!
You don’t need Benz🚘🚘 to impress Unilorin ladies!!!
Just hold shoprite nylon
Ilorin gals una shame dey shame me.

3. When I say women are beautiful, I mean those who hustle for themselves..
Not you tax collectors.

4. Having A Bae On Facebook is Hard

You’ll Comment On Another Girl’s Pic And
She’ll Like The Comment ,
Just To Alert You That The “FBI” is Here.

5. If someone tells you that money is not one of the ingredients that makes a woman happy, delete their number twice…

6. If you can’t help me because I am not in your church or ministry events, then you are not in ministry, you are in business.

7. Every man deserves a female friend who’ll say “Sammy I can see you’re not okay” close the door.

8. Guys, if you don’t have transport fare to give to a girl, please date your area girl.. Period!

9. Telling a Lie is a sin for a child,
fault for an adult,
an art for a lover,
a profession for a lawyer,
a requirement for a politician,
a management tool for a Boss,
an accomplishment for a bachelor,
an excuse for a Subordinate
A matter of survival for a Married Man.

10. You were asked to join choir, you said u don’t have voice…
The one u are using to moan nko.

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