Joke Galore: LOL

1. Next time someone asks you; what you do for a living just answer, ‘I breath in and out….’

2. Can you abandon your education at 400 LEVEL(FINAL YEAR) because
of common $70billion?

Remember, education is the key ooh.

3. You are dating four guys and you are mocking a prostitute. My sister, it’s the same company, just that you are in private sector and she is in public sector.

Not my handwriting ooo!

4. Spend #300 on a guy when he is hungry, he will cherish you for life. Spend #2000 on a girl when she is hungry, she will save your number as lunch.

Ladies are something else.

5. This period if any girl you’ve been chasing since January calls you now and be like, “you ehn! you ehn!! you ehn!!! Shebi you’ve changed?”

My brother, just know the next thing that will follow is “you’ve forgotten me totally abi?” Tell her YES, that you lost your memory and the doctor said you can’t remember anything for now until Jan 10th 2020.

My brother, be wise… It’s few weeks to Christmas.

6. Guys will wear jean of 6k, polo 4k , Pam slippers of 7k just to impress a lady dat is wearing #500 leggings without pant.


As I was walking with my friend, a sister sent him a message that reads, “Can you come over tonight to have sex?” The guy typed, “Yes” and as he was about to press Send, a thief snatched his phone and was ran away.

As we were chasing the thief, my friend was busy screaming, “Oga please just press send”.

8. Relationship stress is so painful, i scratched someone head in a taxi thinking it was mine.

9. My Brother They Won’t Tell You That Your Girlfriend Is Beautiful. All They Will Do Is Saying, “Impregnate This Girl Bros”.

10. I wonder why ladies become more talkative when they see food.

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