Joke Galore: Morning Jokes

1.Women are like fruits, everyone has its unique colour, shape, aroma and taste. The problem is with men, they like fruits salad.

We like it all, mixed together.

2. You steal your man’s phone at night then you hear him saying “When you’re done, make sure you cry outside, I want to sleep.”

Yawa ooooooooo yawa.

3. Ladies we are in raining season. You are all free to have two boyfriend, should in case thunder fire one…

It’s good to have a backup. Think twice before you become a loser ooooooo.

4. At the age of 25, you have a ring on your nose instead of your finger My sister, are you a bull?!


5. Apart from supporting Arsenal, what other things are you doing to show that you are not serious in life…

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