Joke Galore: She Told Me Its Over, I Am Trying To Commit Sweet Suicide!

My girlfriend told me last night that it’s over
between us, I thought about it and I found out that life without her is meaningless, so I decided to kill myself 🙎😢.
I jumped from my reading table to
my bed but i didn’t die.

I went to the express road and looked carefully before crossing the road nothing happened to me. I drank 4 bottles of coke with plenty meat but nothing happened I took alot of mangoes without swallowing the seeds, yet i didn’t see hell!
I proceeded to another level of concoction. I prepared gizzard and kidney sauce with strawberry juice and alots of fresh tomatoes, yet nothing happened to me. I ate cake, chocolate mixed with ice cream, still I didn’t die.
I’m so worried now because i just
finished eating fried rice with chilled malt and fresh fruit salad but nothing has happen to me.
I’m really upset right now. Friends, what do I
do? Should I try fried plantain and chicken with fresh milk? Will it work?

Advice me please, i’m
waiting for your advice

Help a brother please!😭😭


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