Joke Galore: Top 10 Short Free Jokes

1. Some years back, we dey our own oo.

Na im two people come dey tell us say “Peter and Paul dem be one no be two”.

Right now they are solving the mathematics involved!😂😂😜

2. Some Girls Will Be Like, “I Want A Guy Who Will Protect Me”. But This Same Girls Have Been Ignoring Security Men In Their Areas. Sisters What Do U Actually Want kraaaa???……. A Padlock Seller???

3. Married women should stop posting Beautiful pictures of themselves. Its wickedness advertising goods that are already out of stock.😂

4. God is really using guys.

Do you know that if not for guys some girls won’t have tasted pizza or shawama.


5. When I was a kid, Pussy means Cat, Sex means Gender, DICK was a name, And Bang was a sound.
Whats happening to this Generation?


6. Welcome to Ghana where people kill snakes from their homes and farms, then pay to go see them in the zoo.


7. Never trust a guy that take your shoes inside when you visit him.


8. Kasala is when you finally meet your girlfriend’s mother and she says,
“So, you are the one who always dropping off my daughter at 3am with a red car?”
But you don’t even have a wheelbarrow.



A wise husband who knows that his wife was created in the image of God does not tell his wife that she is becoming fat.

Rather he says, “Honey, the image of God is increasing”.


10. I thought about how mothers feed their babies with tiny little spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks?????


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