Joke Galore: Top 8 Funny Jokes

1. PATIENT: Can a pregnancy drink beer if 9 months is not arrive?

DOCTOR: Forget about the beer..this type of English can cause miscarriage.


2. Girls will be cursing men for touching them and leaving without paying their bride price. Sister you go market touch all kind goods and you no pay, who complain?? Nobody!

The bible say do unto others as you want dem to do to you? 😚 Lemme come and be going.

3. Village People will see you on NTA news  giving your opinion about flooding by roadside and they will think you have made it in life, boom they give you stroke.

4. The way I’m broke now, I’m thinking of selling our dog & then I will start doing the barking at night.

5. When he says, ‘girls like u don’t cheat,’ my sister just know you are ugly….
You can’t argue that one.😂😂

6. From six packs to pink lips to men with beard? Very soon it will be men with armpit hair! African girls dey worry us oo.

7. Caller: Is this INEC office?
Official: Yes sir.
Caller: How prepared are you for the coming election?
Official: Sir, As I speak to you everything is ready…… Including the results.

8. So this week too Alexis Sanchez will be paid £450,000 for playing nothing



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