Joke Galore: Top Fun

1. Lecturer: The textbook is 1,500.
Satan: Tell your parents it’s 3,000
Me: Daddy, the Textbook is 15,000👩‍🎓

Satan: Jesus!

2. The last time I fell in love, I nearly hit my head on soak away pit.

Am not falling in love again biko.

3. Someone just text me saying:
With all this funny jokes, have you ever been in a serious relationship?

“I’m touched!!!”

I don’t want to mention her name.

4. Two Days in A Relationship, You Already Need 5K Urgently.

My sister is That The Registration Fee?

5. When Igbo girls tells you “I am Solly” You start wondering if they are introducing themselves.

Don’t bother yourself, they meant “Sorry”.

6. I hate to be the first person to enter keke, if the driver doesn’t see another passenger to carry, it would look as if I’m a bad luck.

7. If a man can cheat on a rich woman who drives big cars, who are you? ‘Nichole with an itel phone with no charger’.

You are just a stepping stone.

8. That statement “what a man can do, a woman can do better” I won’t agree with it until the day 4 girls will rape me and get me pregnant.

9. The way some people select roasted corn, you will think they are choosing a life partner.😄

10. With the way this weather is tempting this days, I cross my heart if I’m fortunate to see my period this month, I will sin no more!

Said one Hauntie.

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