Jokemania: 19 Funny Joke Memes

19 Things You’ll Never Understand If You Were Never A Below-Average Student

“1987 was when he died.”

1. This Oscar-worthy performance:

u/Octember24 / Via

2. This real-life horror story:

3. This consequence of your crippling self-doubt:

4. This unsolved mystery:5. This bad omen:

6. This irresistible urge:

7. This common usage for textbooks:

8. This exhausting reality:

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9. This hero we don’t deserve:

10. And this heroic act that’s doomed to fail:

11. This essay-writing loophole:

12. And this other loophole that’s just as effective:

13. This unlucky scenario…

14. …and this predictable outcome:

15. This familiar feeling:

16. This rude surprise:

17. This consequence of procrastination:

18. And this consequence of not paying attention:

19. Lastly, this face that you regretfully recognize:

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