Jokemania: Aboki And The Robbers

A man drives to his house after close of work. He honks his car horn and his Aboki gateman who has been washing his other cars with a water hose, rushes and opens the gate.
The man drives in and climbs the water hose.
The Aboki taps the car window and says: “Oga Rubber!
The man hears: “rubber” jumps out of the car and climbs over the fence to the next house and hides. The Aboki jumped after him & hides besides him…

The man whispers: “Hey…where are the armed robbers? Where are they robbing? Where is my wife & the children?” Aboki looked at his Oga with surprise & whispered: “Which
armed robbers oga?”
Man:” Haahaa… but you told me about robbers na?”
Aboki : Me ???… Tell am 4 u for robber??.. Haa no, oga!…I
say u “match rubber!”
Man shouts at Aboki: “Are u mad?..So why did you jump the
fence with me?”
Aboki: “Ha, Oga I no know wetin pursue am for u o… but I
run becos I no want make the thing wey dey pursue you catch am for me too… Walahi.!!!


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