JokeMania: My Blackmailing Ex And I

When my wife was the Sole Administrator of our Local Govt, my former girlfriend kept blackmailing me with videos of the things we used to do together.

She threatened to send the videos to my wife and post them on Facebook if I failed to send 500k to her monthly.

I had to tell my wife a lie every month to raise the 500k. For three years I was paying my ex the money.

My wife finished her tenure two years ago and my ex stopped harassing me. Since then, I have become a born again.

The devil told me to delete the videos but the Holy Spirit said I should not.

Last Sunday, my Pastor told me God had completed a design that would return what I lost in many folds very soon.

Yesterday, I read in the papers that my Ex just got married to a Senator who lost his wife few years ago.

I also read that the Senator gives her N8m monthly as her Happiness allowance.

With what my Pastor said and the videos are still in my phone, are U thinking what am thinking, abi?

Please, teach me how to give my testimony in church …

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