Jokes For Your Liking

1. In government hospital, you will stand at the queue until you forget your sickness

2. This morning i heard my neigbour singing..
Yahoo is the key
yahoo is the key
yahoo is the master key!
Niggaz started with laptop and ended with dollars
yahoo is the master key

And i sang my own..
Prison is their home
prison is their home
prison is their precious home
niggaz started with laptop and ended in prison
prison is their precious home..
He has been looking at me since morning 🌚
Have I Said Anything Wrong?

3. I told my dad this morning dat I won a scholarship 2 read medicine in UK. He was very happy, he ordered my mum to kill 2 chickens 4celebration and we popped champagne, before i know it, he sold his car and collect loan without even telling me. He gave #200,000 as thanksgiving in church……. Now I have been thinking of how 2 tell him that it was April fool
Since yesterday🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

4. Looking for a woman who doesn’t love money is the same as looking for a towel with pockets. 😂😂😂

5. My Ex Ifeoma Sent Me her picture With her boyfriend Having Sex To make me Jealous.

I sent it to Her DAD..

😱😱Am I Wicked ???

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