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Let Me Tell You How Nepa Went On OneDay Strike In My Own Words

We all felt the wave of black current in our various sit outs on wednesday. Yes, thats NEPA showing us their superiority and nothing else.

And we Kwete!

Thats how I was busy pressing my phone oo and my broda told me, Onyebuchi, they yaff nuh bring light since this morning o’. And I asked him to realx because I know my NEPA. Around 4 dem go bring am. Slowly Slowly, this thing started becoming suspicious and I started having a rethink about the ‘knowing my NEPA part’ of my speech.

Is laik I did nuh know dem well enough or is it just Nigeria where we expect Change even when we no buy anything.

After 4pm, no light and my phone is already offing so I decided to go outside and give one tailor laidat my cloth for december.

We must celebrate this Christmas Nepa or no Nepa.

Maybe before I come back, light wee com.

Daz how this tailor man began to narrate the nepa story for me oo. Is true that tailors are Amaka’s elder brothers…

…but that day, they didn’t disappoint me.

He told me the reasons for the strike so me as a Mass Comm student went online to verify.

I dun want me and fake news to comman be like mosquito and malaria.

National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) bin embark on nationwide strike to protest di industrial issues for di sector.

For statement wey di union bin release dem say “di ministry of power fail to resolve some issues wey dey affect members of di union since 2013 wen dem privatise di power sector especially issues over 2,000 former PHCN workers and dia pay off.”

This was the first thing I saw online, I swear I saw it like this on BBC Pidgin.

Anoda tin wey make dem decide to strike na di unresolved issues around illegal transfer of union properties to power investors and some distribution companies deduction of staff pensions wey dem no remit give pension managers.

This was the next thing I saw.

The is issue is now going out of hands, they have gone to several government parastatals but to no avail.

They said they have even taken the issue to Bureau of Public Enterprises(BPE) but dah wan dey turn turn dem like fan.

Is laik gooment wanntu chop our moni but we wii nuh grii.

Buhari stayed in the villa for 2hours without light, Baba order generator. As generator on for 5hours, fuel finish. Baba order mek them refuel am but baba forget sey budget for fuel yaff finish for the day. I am happy Buhari is feeling the heat like me now.

Baba call NEPA, Baba open discussion, Baba promise to settle dem.

So far So good, if you are seeing light in your place now, I want you to know that NEPA is still on strike but this is the reason why there is Light.

But on Thursday morning tori comot say dem don suspend di strike and some of di distribution companies like Eko Electricity Distribution Company don “open dia offices for business”.

Leader of di NUEE, Joe Ajaero tell BBC Pidgin say “We suspend di strike and not called off.

“We don do di tok-tok with goment for us to see di implementation of di agreement. So if goment no dey serious wit am, we go go back to strike action.”

So if you are among the little people wey get light now, enjoy it because you dont know when next the messiah will come for striking purposes.

Godwin Idemudia wey be Head of Corporate Communication for Eko Distribution Company tell BBC Pidgin say di distribution companies go bring light now as dem don suspend di strike.

My own problem in all this saga is why did they ‘Off Light‘ before going on strike?

My own advice is, ‘please, if you want to go on strike again, leave the light on so we Nigerians will appreciate your Striking attitude and remember you all in prayers while the strike lasts’.

Nepa has finally suspended the strike but in my area I don’t see any difference.

There have not been light before the strike, there have not been light after the strike. Please, is it partial suspense they do?

Whats going on?


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