Men To Stay Away From: Avoid These Guys For Your Own Good

men to stay away from

There’s no argument that there are some men to stay away from …

Have you ever come across those tall, dark and handsome men, who ooze sex appeal and will leave you staring like you have no home training. At that point you’re just thinking of all the things you would love to do to him…

men to stay from
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Well we’ve got some bad news for you sis. In some cases, the reason we love them is the reason we should fear them. Here are three types of men to stay away from if you don’t want your heart broken:

1. The Community Man

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This guy is usually known and loved by all, but falling in love with him might not be such a great idea. He is always helping people out to the detriment of his own health, finances and well-being.  People can knock on his door with a problem at 12am and he will abandon everything to attend to them. This might not seem like such a problem, but if you can find a community man who can prioritize your needs, then go ahead. If not, run away!

2. The Narcissist (Mr Me, Myself and I)

men to stay away from
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This guy loves himself more than he can ever love anybody else, you included. He’s so focused on his own, needs, desires and good looks that he probably won’t have time for you and yours. If you want to be in a relationship by yourself, then date a narcissist. If not, kick him to the curb.

3. The “Yoruba” Demon

3 Types Of Men You Should Stay Away From
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You already knew this was coming right? His words will sweep you off your feet, he’s a ladies man who can charm the roots off a tree. No woman is too snobbish for him to get; he’ll soon have her laughing and draping herself all over his chest. Men like theseusually have a lot of female friends around them so you’ll either have to trust him or become inspector gadget. The choice is  yours.

Have you dated any of these types of men before? Share your experience with us below. 

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