My First Experience With Alcohol

It was 2011 new year’s eve and I was jejely planning on buying banga and Ina Oloun with the small 200 I had hustled from my cousinsI was busy begging my Mum for extra 100 when my friend knocked on our door. He insisted that we had small fun before going to church later at night.

In my mind, small fun isn’t bad na. At least, I’ll blow small banga before entering church. That was how I followed him oh.

On our way to where we were supposedly going to have fun, he insisted that we entered one local bar not far from my house.

My eyes were on the fried meats in the show glass so I followed him in and ordered #50 meat, enjoying my life while my friend was sipping on a cold bottle of beer.

He passed me the bottle and like a mindless idiot, I collected it and held the bottle with both hands with my eyes wide open as I drank the remaining content in the bottle.

It felt really good, my voice become louder and thicker.
I immediately brought out the money in my pocket and ordered for another bottle.

I had drank just half of the newly ordered bottle of beer when it slipped off my hand and landed on the floor. My eyes started closing and that was when I realized I was in trouble.

I immediately told my friend I needed to go and sleep and so, I headed home. From the bar to my house, I greeted everybody I saw on the road. For some, I’d prostrate and greet until the person was out of sight.

I was on the floor smiling and begging someone to greet me back when my crush tapped me. Immediately my excitement doubled.

She was worried and when she realized that I was drunk, she offered to walk me to my house but I was about to display the real madness.

As we walked towards the direction of my house, I began professing my love for her. I told her I was willing to sell my father’s properties to satisfy her.

When I noticed she wasn’t responding, I stopped and went on my knees. I cried and begged her to please consider me. She tried dragging me up but I was already glued to the ground.

I started shouting and crying until a relative of mine heard my voice from the house and came to my rescue.

I had headache for one week straight and avoided my crush for a whole year.

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