Remember Those Awkward Moments In Our Primary School Days…

Do you still remember those awkward days in schools during Exams?

When a bright student tells the invigilator that question 4 has a problem, but you have already answered it. 😳😜

When a fellow student asks for a graph paper, but you are finished and did not see anywhere where it was required. 😧😁🤷

When the invigilator says jump question6 we will rectify it later. But it was the question you enjoyed most when answering. 😟 😱😲

When you see people busy using rulers and you are wondering what is going on. 😣😫😫

When you hear your friends arguing after the exam whether the answer to question 5 was 35.5% or 36.5% and your answer was 1800. 😩😏

When the other students asked for 4-5 additional answer sheets and You had two pages empty in the main answer sheet. 😨😰😱

See where you have reached in life inspite of those moments. Things are not permanent, enjoy life! 😃😃

Only for those who enjoyed their school life.😂😂😂

I’m sure that these lines made all of you remember and smile .
This was our school days.
The best part was that we used to have the most innocent face to show at that point..😂😂

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