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See The Reason Why Terrorists Shout “Allahu Akbar” Before Killing Anyone?

Why do terrorists shout “Allahu Akbar” before killing anyone?

Sep 3, 2018 3:54 AM
Bassel Elgohary Helal
| Palestine | I’m a Muslim and an identical twin from Egypt.

30w ago

Islamicly, we Muslims use the word “Allahu Akbar” in happiness, anger, fear, amazement and war. The prophet and his army used to shout Allahu Akbar during battles so Allah could help them in their victory and even in the October war, Egyptian Muslim soldiers shouted Allahu Akbar during the battle,but ISIS are trying to look like they are true Muslims as much as possible so they even used to mention Allah’s name in everything even in murdering and terrorist missions.

Examples of the different uses of “Allahu Akbar“ :

  • In Happiness : Allahu Akbar, the baby looks so cute!
  • In anger : Allahu Akbar! What are you doing?!!
  • In fear : Oh my God! Allahu did this happen?!
  • In shock : Allahu Akbar! You scared me!
  • In amazement : Wow, Allahu Akbar! The waterfalls look so pretty!

It can be pretty much used in any situation and that’s what some people get confused for.

I hope this answered your question and indeed Allah knows best.

Doug Sandlin
Non-religious; has studied Islam-related issues for years.

44w ago

For the same reason that Christian crusaders shouted “Deus Vult!” (“God wills it!”) when slaughtering innocent civilians, during the Crusades.

For the same reason that abortion-clinic bomber / murderer Eric Rudolph calls his website “Army of God”, and quotes Bible verses on his Home Page.

For the same reason that Jewish religious extremist Yishai Schlissel said “”I came to murder on behalf of God”, when he was being interrogated concerning the reasons for stabbing attendees of a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, in 2005.

Unfortunately, Schlissel was released from prison in 2015, and attacked again, at that year’s pride parade in Jerusalem – and one of his victims, a teenage girl, died. And so, he’s now in prison for murder.

For the same reason that all religious / political extremists invoke “God” when perpetrating their crimes:

Because even the most violent religious or political extremists want to believe that their violent actions are justified — because they confuse their own psychopathological imaginings with “what God wants”, and they want to feel that their actions are justified, and pleasing to their God – rather than simply being horrific crimes.

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”

~Anne Lamott

Ashmede Asgarali
Masters from University of Manitoba (1978)

45w ago

Because they are idiots and they think that a benevolent and merciful God sanctions their actions and that they will be blessed with 72 virgins in heaven for their sole pleasure after the vile commitment of any act that results in mayhem for innocent people.

As they say, they walk among us and good ole Darwin must be turning over in his grave!

S Bhim
knowledgeable in Islamic topics

45w ago

Very good question. They want to give Islam a bad name and they like to act like God wants them to kill other humans, which is absurd. So, they praise God with a legitimate phrase before committing a horrible act

Sudais Asif
Studying the Quran with Tafseer.

45w ago

Their are 2 reasons.

  1. They think that they are Muslims and they are following what Allah has asked them to do by killing innocent people which is not true,The Prophet Muhammad PBUH specifically gave instructions not to kill woman,children and elderly in war and elsewhere any innocent person so these people are just misguided.
  2. They are trying to defame Islam and themselves are not Muslims so just shout Allah-u-Akbar to try to damage the image of Islam by killing innocents and pretending they’re Muslims.The ISIS is a live example of this.

Hope this clarifies stuff.

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