See The Top 10 Football Twins

Top 10 football stars you never knew were twinsTop 10 football stars you never knew were twins

Top 10 football stars you never knew were twins

Twins are usually a sight of attraction wherever they turn up and it is a more beautiful sight to see twins playing professional football and probably in the same club.

Some completed their dream playing in the same team while some had to come up against each other.

Below are’ top 10 twins who play the beautiful game of football.

1. Fabio and Rafael Da SilvaRelated image

The Brazilian brothers are the toast of twins in football as they played at the highest professional level, playing for Manchester United in the Premier League.2. Lars and Sven BenderRelated image

Both players managed to reach the highest level over in Germany in the Bundesliga as they ply their trade for German Bundesliga outfit Bayern Leverkusen. The Bender brothers were part of the German team that got the Silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic games.3. Hamit and Halil AltintopRelated image

Hamit and Halil completed their dream of playing in the same team, with both playing at Schalke 04. While Hamit went across to Spain to play for Real Madrid, Halil had a long and successful career in Germany with the famous club.4. Rogelio and Ramiro Funes MoriRelated image

One is a striker and the other a defender who plays for Everton in the English premier league, and they both played for River Plate in Argentia before immigrating across to Europe.5. José and Juanmi CallejónImage result for 5.) José and Juanmi Callejón

While the Jose, the ex-Madrid star is the more famous out of the two, both passed through Real Madrid’s famous ‘merengue’ academy.6. Frank and Ronald de BoerRelated image

Having been retired for quite a few years now, the defender and central midfielder played together at Ajax, Barcelona and for Holland’s national team. These two are probably the most famous footballing twins in the world. Frank was maybe the better out of the two but both had long and successful careers.7. Marouane and Mansour FellainiRelated image

Marouane is the popular twin who plays for shandong luneng in China.8. Florentin and Mattias PogbaRelated image

While most football fans are more than aware of the world’s most expensive midfielder Paul Pogba, not man know his older twin brothers who are professional footballers themselves.
Florentin and Mattias Pogba have also established a decent footballing career for themselves – with the former having the more successful career of the two, having played in Ligue 1 for St Etienne since 2012.

9. Nazim and Kalim Amokachi6 footballers you never knew are identical twins

Former Super Eagles star, Daniel Amokachi has twin sons Nazim and Kalim Amokachi playing for Turkish champions Besiktas.

10. Hossam and Ibrahim HassanRelated image

These Egyptian twins have played at the same level, and for the same clubs, as each other for most of their careers.Both twins played into their early 40s.

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