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I am Plateau
When you ran away from the heat of the northern sun, where your home is

I gave you succour
My cold weather was a soothing relief
For your sun burned body and dry throat

You came in without a mat
I gave you a shed, then a house
I became your home, your refuge

You came in jobless
I gave you my tin and columbite to mine
You dug me and left open ponds

You came in hungry
I gave you fertile lands to farm
I gave you my rivers to water your crops

Then you started to shiver from the cold
My embrace became your warmth
I told my children to welcome you in their homes

Then you said you wanted a voice
You said since I have accepted you
I should also let you rule

I let you have influence
Then you asked for the throne
I gently told you it is reserved for my children

Then you took offence
You threw a tantrum
I tried but you were inconsolable

Then you turned on me
You ravaged my beauty
You destroyed my peace and drove my tourists

You still was not satisfied
You blew up my markets and edifices
You killed and cremated my children

My children ran from the cities
You chased them down to their villages
Massacred them and left behind desolate wastes

In the open streets
You had their blood spilled
You crept in and had them all killed

I was your refuge
You turned my children to refugees
I was your home
You have made my children homeless

I gave your life a meaning
You took the meaning from mine
I gave you life
You took the lives of my children and pride

You left me childless
You have shown to me your true kind
An adder, with a viper ‘s venom

You took my peace and left violence
You took my tourism and left terrorism
You took my kindness for granted
Took my humility for weakness

You rid me of clothes
And say I should feel no shame
You stabbed my back and say I should feel no pain

You took my goodwill
And now try to defame my good name
You stole my land and say no-one should defend me

You should have known ingrate
I am higher than you can never bring down
I am exalted beyond your midget hate

I am beautiful beyond your envy
I am stronger than your antics
Wiser than your cunning

I am a seed
Even in burial I shall germinate
I am J.O.S like Jesus Our Saviour
When I die I shall resurrect

This is not the end of me
I am Plateau
I am prestigious beyond your defamation
I shall arise out the ashes: Phoenix mode

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