Which one was the worst?

These Books

These Books My first question is, why anyone would sell books like these to kids. These books damaged some people while it helped some pursue their future ambitions. 

Why did you think we have cases of missing genitals spring up every year? 

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring It was scary and everybody was hooked on it, even our parents. 

However, it must not have affected them the way it did us. 

Slaps by our parents.

Slaps by our parents. Could be pre-meditated or could be instantaneous, the point is you could get them at anytime. 

If last position was your best position then you’ll relate wonderfully. 

Koto Aye

Koto Aye Yoruba movies couldn’t worse, or… better? 

Koto Aye was the movie you knew you shouldn’t watch but still did. 

If you could complete the movie, you went to bed quite terrified of Nigerian witches. Will you wake up in a cauldron or in a coffin? 

“If you wear your shoes, you can follow me out”

"If you wear your shoes, you can follow me out" Complete disappointment in 10 words. 

If you know, you know!