Top Eight Random Funny Jokes

1. I was really shocked when my neighbour’s daughter told me that the opposite of “NOKIA” is “YESKIA”.😂😂😂😂

2. Don’t allow social Media to make you scared of repeating clothes. Confuse your enemies, make them think that everyday yesterday.😋

3. If your bus conductor is dressed in Timberland and Cardigan, run for your life. That bus is equivalent to online fraud.😁😁

4. 🤔Did u know..
Before she puts you as her profile pic, a few people get blocked….at least, temporarily ? 🤔

5. Don’t think he’s romantic because he joined you in the kitchen. He is just trying to make sure you don’t put JUJU in his food.😂😂

6. Some ibo girls will find it hard to marry o.

A man meets you today and tomorrow your rent yaff finish…😏😏😏

Sister, you are mad!🤣🤣🤣🤣

7. You have dated a guy for 6years now. Instead of you pressuring him to go and see your family. You’re pressuring him to use your pic as his Dp.

Oh sister, in fact, your level of stupidity is using Wi-Fi and 4G.😂😂

8. TEACHER: Did you finish your homework

JOHNNY: Did you finish marking my test?

TEACHER: I have other children’s tests to mark.

JOHNNY: I have other teachers’ homework to do.

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