UniqueBaze Launches A New Monthly Online Challenge For Upcoming Artists With A 10k Give Away Cash Price

This is to officially reach to all upcoming artists about A Newly Monthly Challange by UNIQUEBAZE GROUP OF MEDIA INC. Tagged Music Of The Month(MOTM).Here, the Winner goes home with a cash price of ₦10,000 while the First Runner Up goes with the cash price of ₦5,000 and the Second Runner Up goes with ₦3,000 at the end of the month.

Send your song and details on whatsapp to us in this pattern.
👉Artist Name
👉Song Title
👉Write up
👉Song Genre

Rules And Regulations
1. There would be up to 20artists before we kick off.

2. The winner is determined by the highest number of likes, comments and downloads put together. And also, a little scrutiny by our officials.

3. The winner has to pull a number of at least 150 votes before the end of the month.
Note: Votes include Number Of Downloads, Likes And Comments put together.

4. An Artist is allowed to vote for himself or any other contestants only but once.
Nobody should comment twice or download twice as our installed automated Software will detect it and mark it as Spam(Foul Play).
The defaulter will be automatically disqualified.

5. One person is allowed to Like, Comment And Also Download the song.
But after that cycle, any additional vote by one person will be nullified and the song, disqualified.

What it takes to Part Take.
Of course, nothing good comes on a platter of gold.🤷‍♂ But its always best to look on the bright side and consider the gains That will follow eventually.

To Upload a song on UNIQUEBAZE, It takes the sum of ₦3,000.
Click Here for more info.

But on this monthly challange platfrom, we slashed the price for affordablility.
The first 10 Artists will have to Pay in ₦2,000 when asked to, while the rest will pay ₦3,000.

Think about it!
You pay ₦2,000 just to upload your song and stand a chance to get bigger in life!

After this, the song and details will be uploaded and the link sent accross.
The ealier the better.
The money will be paid at the beginning of the month when the challenge starts.

Remember, you vote startdms counting only when your song is uploaded and your song will be uploaded only when you pay.

The money will be used to reward the Top Three Artists, Publicise The songs of the 20 Artists involved and make an award for the Top Three Artists.

Things You Stand Gain.
1. ₦10,000 as the winner, ₦5,000 as the runner up and ₦3,000 as the second runner up.

2. Publicity and popularity through the hyping of your songs and the challenge on various social media platforms.

3. Awards Of Merit for the Top 3 Artists.
A tangible award you’ll keep at your home to make you always remember you were once a Balon D’or winner in UNIQUEBAZE and also a point of contact to other people in the industry.

4. Who knows, you might get a record deal. This one doesn’t matter if you were the winner or not. Someone out there might fall in love with your song, you might get signed.

5. The Winner’s Song will be in front of the website layout for one month till there is a new winner for the next month.

6. UniqueBaze team will hold a talk show with The winners and also an Opinion Pool on how they feel about the Challenge and how to improve it.
After which the video and pictures will be sent accross to everyone including Our Official Facebook and Instagram Page, Whatsapp Groups and YouTube Channels.

1. The Top Song Will not be used again for the next month or any other month.

2. Apart from the Top song, other songs can be repeated.
As in can be used month after month.

3. You have the privilege to campaign for your own song and vote yourself once.

After the necessary talks, we’ll send you our Voice Note/Jingle to add to the song if it has not yet be produced.

Account no.: 3848746012

Account name: Anyanechi Onyebuchi Emmanuel

Bank: FCMB

You can contact us through Phone Calls or Whatsapp Chat with the following numbers;


The challenge is powered by:

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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Uniquebaze is owned by Anyanechi Onyebuchi Unique who is a Stand up Comedian and Also an Entrepreneur. If you wish to book me kindly click on Here. Smiles!!

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