Zoning Will Not End In 2023, Says Nkanu Youth President

Nkanu Youth Council President Speaks Out On Zoning Issues Ravaging The GeoPolitical Zone

The youth socio-political group of Enugu East Senatorial Zone otherwise known as NKANU YOUTH COUNCIL worldwide has condemned a statement credited to Chief Ben Alukwu which is being circulated online that Governorship Zoning in Enugu State ends in 2023.

The National President of Nkanu Youth Council worldwide COMR. MONDAY DIAMOND ANI a.k.a Odoziobodo, while speaking to the press, expressed disapproval over the statement.

According to him;

“It is too early to bicker over the 2023 Governorship Election when the incubent Governor is yet to be sworn-in for second term in Office.
Be it as it may,we condemn the equivocation of Chief Ben Alukwu on the Zoning System in the State. Though,we respect Chief Ben Alukwu but we are shocked that such a statement is coming from such an informed man who has been in politics since 1999 and understands the Chaotic effect of his recent utterance except he is doing this to shake the table and score some cheap political points but definitely not with the 2023 collective interest of the Nkanu Nation as it has to do with the governance of the state.
Since 1999,it has been from Dr Chimaraoke Nnamani(Enugu East Senatorial Zone)to Bar Sullivan Chime(Enugu West Senatorial Zone)and Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi(Enugu North Senatorial Zone)and in 2023,it will be the turn of Enugu East Senatorial Zone to produce a Governor.

COMR. MONDAY DIAMOND ANI said that those who are clamouring for Zoning to be jettisoned in Enugu State are trying to kill the consolidated Peace and Unity we have enjoyed over the years in the State,and they should be aware that according to research,most of the Political Violent Ladden States in Nigeria are those States without Political Zoning, and these States as we all know have witnessed endless political violence which has become clog in the wheel of success and development of those States.
In as much as Nkanu nation is not afraid of any open contest, it’s important we remind one another of our commitment to the progress of one another and avoid
disunity in the country’s most peaceful State.

Zoning is the only tool that has maintained Peace, Unity and Progress in the State. Hence, the peaceful Governor has umpteen times said that in 2023 it will be the turn of Nkanu People to produce the next Governor of Enugu State,he is a man of his words and he will stand by it.

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  1. Indeed politicians nowadays does not have the interest of the people at heart they only seek political office just for their own benefit. Nkanu started zoning and its working well so if it’s to end it most end after Nkanu must have produced another governor. We are ready for the 2023 election. God bless Nkanu.. God bless Nkerefi

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