Joke Galore: Make Your Self Happy

1: My sister wear long skirt ooh,
So that you won’t have to wait for me to pass before you climb bike.

2: “I only slept with one guy before I met you” Girls favorite lies

3: Human brain is very awesome… Works 24 hours since we were born. But only stop when we fall in love

4 : Women have so much evil in their blood that God has to drain it once in a month. Wisdom!!

5: Those Girls that Were in JSS 2
But Dating Guys in SS3
Are the Same People Dating Sugar Daddies now It Starts Small Small

6: In Africa, immediately you fix bulbs for your neighbours, BOOM! They will start telling everyone that you’re an electrician and you can even fix Transformer.

7: I just finished eating right now and someone just knocked at the door, is God not wonderful??

8: If Love is a Journey, to be sincere, I don chop my transport money.

9: I notice some unemployed guys re d once getting girls pregnant
How come ur sperm work & u re not working

10: I haven’t watched football in a long time oo. Please is Undertaker still playing for Manchester United??

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