JokeMania: The Three Nigerian Saga


Three Nigerians were walking along the beach, A Youruba, An Hausa and An Igbo. Now, it happened that they found a magic lamp. After rubbing it, the genie promised each of them one wish. The Yoruba said, “I wish for our peppers to do well in our farms for a million years.” The genie snapped his fingers and said, “Done.”
The Yoruba man went off to go farm.

Now the Hausa Man said, “Being an Hausist(is that right?) are a superior race, I want a wall that is a mile high and a mile thick all the way around Hausaland so no one can get in, and no one can get out.
So the genie snapped his fingers, and transported the Hausa to Home with walls so there were no problems.

The Igbo stepped up and said, “Ok, it’s a mile high and a mile thick, and no one can get in or out right?”
“Correct.” said the genie.
“For my own wish Now, Fill it with water!”😂🤪

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