Birthday Felicitation And Biography Of Eze Chidera Happiness

What a beautiful day with another 365 addition to a resourceful life and a life of fulfilments.

Eze happiness Chidera who was born on the 20th of May, 1997 to the Family of Eze Oliver Oga hails from Udaenu local Government Area in Enugu state. She is a motivational speaker and a reviver of lost causes.

She has the passion for music and dancing, reading and fashion. A certified make up artist with raw talents yet to be uncovered. She has love and confidence for intellectual, moral and ethics.

Chidera is a girl who is independent and intentionally determined. Charming and beautiful with the quality of a good woman. A wife Material and a real woman of Grace. Loves God so much and a great vessel of honor in His house. A woman of virtue and resourcefulness who never takes anything about God for granted.

She is outspoken, a teacher and a leader who never takes time to correct and set people’s steps right.

She had most of her education in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja. She studied Public Administration and is a show worth the dime. She is currently in IMT, Enugu doing her Higher National Diploma Program in Public Administration. She is an epitome of beauty and a proof of excellence. Always outshining her counterparts and excelling above human imagination.

Happy birthday, dear.

More Life, More Love, More Happiness to Happiness.

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