6 Ways To Win Your Mother-In-Law’s Heart

  1. 1Pick up the fattest broom in the house and start sanitation whenever you visitCarry their freezer and cupboard up so that broom will reach everywhere. You just got yourself a ticket to be a part of the family.
  2. 2Finish that and fetch beans to peel for akaraIt is Saturday and moimoi or akara will most likely be for breakfast. Pound yam with egusi for lunch. 
  3. 3Keep smiling whenever your mother-in-law talksYou need to give her the impression that she’s so funny and you enjoy her company.
  4. 4Watch her favorite TV channel with herYou both know it is boring but just keep smiling, na you wan marry.
  5. 5If you can’t pretend to find it funny and you want to prove to her that there are better channels, do this;Buy her a new GOtv decoder  for N6,900 (instead of N8,400), and enjoy 1-month GOtv Jolli subscription to watch 68+ local and international channels.
  6. 6Or introduce her to the “GOtv Dey Your Side” offerWhere GOtv Jolli or Jinja subscribers, can enjoy 32% discount when they pay N2,460 on GOtv Jolli and automatically get upgraded to GOtv Max which is worth N3,600 to enjoy 75+ interesting channels.

Now that you have passed all the stages, go and pick aso-ebi

You don see husby!

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