Actress Chioma Ifemeludike Said: “My Village People Are Hindering Me From Buying Big Cars Like My Mates”

Chioma Ifemeludike cars mates

Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has cried out about not being able to afford luxury cars and lifestyles like her mates in the Nollywood industry.

In a recent interview with, Chioma Ifemeludike  revealed that at a point in her acting career, she almost dumped it because there were little or no returns for her value and effort.

Here’s what she said;

“I see lots of Girls buying Big cars, I don’t know how they are able to buy them. I haven’t been able to buy any of such luxurious cars. I have told myself that one day I would ask somebody because the cars I see online are just so intimidating; Range Rover, Benz, and the likes. Sometimes I sit and ask if it’s my village people that are behind my slow progress. I’m a very strong spiritual person. I’m not religious but then I put my head down. I would get there it’s the reassurance that keeps me going”

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