Joke Galore: 7 Advantages Of Being Single

7 Perks Of Being A Single Pringle

Na Single you Single, You No Kill Person.

  1. 1You get constant supply of Vitamin PP stands for Peace. You don’t have to stand by the window at 3am just because you are wondering if someone is cheating on you. You are not interested in anyone and nobody is interested in you, Peace✌.
  2. 2Buying new underwears is a choice not an obligationIf you like, have just one boxers/panties. It is only you and your eyes that’ll be seeing it, you have nobody to complain or make you feel uncomfortable about it. Save money plzzzz.
  3. 3You spend all your money aloneThis is an additional advantage for people who are naturally stingy. You don’t have to think of anybody else other than you. Eat all your money away!
  4. 4You become rich quicklyAside from the fact that you spend all your money alone, you can save. Dangote started small, yours can start by saving that 2k you could have used to take Uber each time you want to visit boo.
  5. 5Your skin glows differentlyBeing single is like a skincare routine. No argument, no tears, no headache, and all other drama that comes with relationships. Just wake up, eat, and sleep in konji-tude.
  6. 6You can flirt in peaceIf you love to flirt, you don’t need a relationship, you can try being in an entanglement or just stay single.
  7. 7No waste of body countYour body remains the temple of God till further notice.

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