Word For The Wise: Wisen Up

BEES don’t follow DEAD MEAT, FLIES do. Therefore, as a man who knows his worth, do not waste time following women whom EVERY MAN has always found easily and is sure of finding easily.

BEES eat NECTAR which is hidden deep into the flowers; FLIES eat dead meat and ANYTHING ROTTEN which is EXPOSED and thrown anywhere. So as she jumps around, exposing her wasted body claiming how “men can’t let her rest,” brother, let carcasses rot in peace.

BEES make honey from NECTAR; FLIES make DISEASES from ROTTEN MEAT. So when you hear her say MEN are spoiling me with money and treats, brother go look for a flower with nectar. That one is a dead meat.
BEES bite, FLIES only buzz. If she can’t say NO and stand by it, brother, let flies play in their league.

Is that 📢📢📢 volume okay?


Wisdom For The Wise: The Power Of Relationships


There was this poor man who wrote a book at the age of 40 and decided to launch it on his Birthday.

He had no money to fund the launching and so, he decided to seek help from a millionaire in his community.

He made a visit to the Millionaires home and after they exchanged pleasantries, he told his host what brought him.

The Millionaire told him to take out a piece of paper and pen.
He said, ” I will give you a test. If you pass it, I will give you the money you need and if you fail, I will still give you the money”

He then told him to write down the names of 10 people who could give him 10k each for his book during the launch.

Surprisingly, the man could not write even 3 names.

Now, take a glass of water and let me tell you something..

It is not enough to have talent and skills. You must understand the power of building valuable relationship.

It was a wise man that said, your network is directly proportional to your net worth.

Relationship is a currency . Relationship is a stream of income.
Everything in this life actually reproduces on the basis of relationship.

See eh, Who likes you in this life matters .

Men are lifted through men .
Many of us are talented but we lack a cup bearer to tell the King that there is a Joseph that can interpret dreams.

Who you know matters a lot in this life. Don’t say it doesn’t matter. It does.

There are heights and opportunities you will never attain if you don’t understand the power of Keeping Valuable Relationships .

When they say, turn and greet your neighbour in church,/ mosque at times, you don’t even know who you are talking to .

That might be the CEO of a company. But sometimes, we despise people based on their outward looks and judge them wrongly.

Have this wisdom am sharing with you.

That person you sit with in class, or the colleagues at work that you look down on, may be the ones that will lead you to your destiny helper because you have no idea who they know.

Sometimes, it takes just a recommendation to change your story.

Don’t despise men in Life. You will need them one day.

Sometimes those who crown Kings don’t look like kings and may never become kings but they can help you wear the crown.


Shut the door of relationship gently you may need to use it tommorow

Enjoy a Blessed life full of God’s favour!

Please stay Safe to save others! Good Night.


Word For The Wise: This Is Not Marriage


Sister I will marry you is not marriage,give me your mummy’s number is not marriage.

I just spoke with everyone in your family even your ancestor is not marriage.

I sent some stuff to your parents is still not marriage.Haven’t you seen my people?Is still not marriage.

My mum is fond of you,is not marriage,I love the way you cook,you will make a good wife,is still not marriage.

My parent and siblings can’t stop talking about you,my dear that is still not marriage.

I have engaged you,so you have nothing to worry about,that is not marriage.

Untill he come and pay your bride price,perfect the wedding plans and take you home,that is when you are assured to be his wife.

Till then,you leave your heart opened,be wise in all you do and remember not to engrossed in wifey shit for who is not worth it.

Don’t place your mind on anybody who is not yet married to you and stop bragging that he’s yours yet.

You are not a sample, to be sampled and tasted before marriage

Sister you are the daughter of a respected man and a future wife to another.



Featured Jokes

A Racial Post To Show Black Colour Superiority

Dear White Fella…, Couple of things you oughta know.

Firstly, when I’m born, I’m black!!
When I grow up, I’m black

When I get sick, I’m black
When I go out in the sun, I’m black
When I’m cold, I’m black
And when I get scared,
Gee, I’m black
And When I die, I’m still black

But you white fella…
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you get sick, you green
When you go out in the sun, you red
When you get cold, you go blue
When you get scared, you yellow
And when you die, you purple
And YOU got the cheek to call ME coloured??!!

Education Featured

Some Strange Facts That Are 100 Percent True.

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As we all know, a fact is an information that is stable with unbiased truth that can be backed up with evidence. However, there are some some facts that seem false or fake but they are very true, infact, they are 100 percent true. For instance, did you know that you could boil water in a paper cup by placing it in an OPEN flame? Or the fact that a lighter was in existence 3years before a match? Believe it or not, these strange facts may sound mysterious but they are very correct.

So, I have compiled nineteen (19) facts that sound fake but they certainly true. Read and enjoy!

1. Did you know that you have never seen your real face before? What you see is only a reflection and a picture of it.

2. It rains diamonds in Jupiter and Saturn.

3. It is a fact that the DNA of banana is 60% alike to an human’s DNA.

4. The size of the heart of a blue whale is so vast that an human being can swim through its arteries.

5. It is impossible to snore and dream simultaneously.

Photo credit: KUNOYnews

6. It is possible to boil water in a paper cup over an open flame.

Photo credit: Flickr

7. Honey doesn’t expire, as a matter of fact, a 2000year old honey can be eaten with complications.

8. Your nose is always in your sight but the brains neglects it. You can try it.

9. Dolphins also have a unique name for each other.

Photo credit: pixabay

10. Did you know that one million seconds is roughly eleven days while a billion seconds is about 32years.

11. Liechtenstein has been mistakenly encroached 3times by Switzerland in the last 50years because of the country’s size.

12. The Oxford university was created around 200 years before the Aztec Empire was established.

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13. There are more tigers in Texas than other parts of the world combined.

14. The longest time between the birth of a twin is 87days.

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15. It takes two years for a pineapple to grow, and they grow out of the ground.

Photo credit: reddit

16. Did you know that the only English word that ends with “Mt” is Dreamt

17. It is a fact that coconut kills more number of people every year than sharks.

18. The popular ” HUMPTY DUMPTY NURSERY SONG” never mentioned that he’s an egg.

19. Did you know that cheetahs don’t roar? They only meow like a domestic cats.

Photo credit: Instagram

I hope that this post was informative, and you have learned something new.

Thanks for reading.