Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 7(Finale)

Final episode!

                                                           After God did not answer my prayers I totally backslided. Sally had three wonderful kids already and had since stopped giving birth. To help me overcome my frustration I started taking alcohol secretly. Alcohol could not suppress my depression anymore and I tried hard drugs. I became a professional adulteress not minding if my husband knew or not. In all these my husband was still faithful to God. He was always praying for me. Whenever I messed up myself, he will clean me up and get me to sleep. If you are looking for a Christian, Omeiza is one. I wanted God to judge me so that I can tell the whole world how unfair he is but his judgement tarried except that I had no womb and I could not conceive. For a long time I didn’t hear from Sally. That didn’t bother me anyway because anytime I hear from her it was one good news or the other. She seemed to be moving from glory to glory while I moved from shame to shame. I saw a post from one of our coursemates on Facebook of a friend who wedded at 42 and Sally was in the selfie, but Sally was really lean in the picture. I started making contacts on how to reach Sally, I needed to know what happened to her that she became this lean. In no time I got across to her. ‘Sally, what happened to you? I saw your picture on facebook and I was shocked that you had grown so lean.’ For almost forty seconds she didn’t say anything. ‘Sally are you there?’ ‘Yes Maryam, I have been sick but I am better now’, she replied. ‘I will need to come and see you.’ I promised to see her in two weeks. When I got to Sally’s place, she was leaner than what I saw on Facebook and I was afraid. My friend’s beautiful skin had shrunk badly with black spots all over her. As I was about screaming I saw a pack of retroviral drugs on her dinning table. ‘Sally you are positive?’ I asked in surprise. She bowed her face without saying a word. I knew she was HIV positive already. I became more scared but I had to encourage my friend. I hugged her and whispered to her ears “God will see you through”. I still had to pretend I was still a Christian but I had a sharp pain on my chest with a voice telling me “it would soon be your turn”. I tried to rebuke that voice but there wasn’t any inner impetus to do so. I wept bitterly as if I was weeping for my friend, but no, I was weeping for myself. I couldn’t stand what I saw so I left the following day. On my way back to Lokoja, ‘I kept having thoughts of accident. “If you die now where are you going to?” I asked myself. The Sally you have been using as yardstick to judge God is already paying for her sins, the voice kept talking to me. I was restless all through the journey. Maybe I am also HIV positive, I thought within me. Suddenly I noticed I have been foolish, I told God I was sorry. If you can give me another chance oh Lord I will serve you all the days of my life with or without a child. I got relieved as soon as I made that prayer. I arrived Lokoja safely. I knelt down before my husband and confessed all my sins before him, I wept and asked him for his forgiveness. He wept along with me but he felt very bad for the story he heard about me for the first time. I could read the handwriting in each drop of his tears. “I have forgiven you sweet heart, he lifted me up and hugged me tight for what seemed like hours. I wept the more while on his arm, my tears were tears of genuine repentance and regret. I became indebted to my husband for his patience and endurance. Since it was obvious I couldn’t get pregnant after my womb was removed, we adopted a boy of six months from the orphanage and named him Joseph. The day Joseph clocked one year I was confirmed to be seven weeks pregnant. How can a woman who has no womb be pregnant? Until my stomach started protruding I didn’t believe I was pregnant. This is the hand work of Jehovah overdo. On the 3rd of December I gave birth to a set of quadruplet, two boys and two girls. God wiped away my tears of many years. The chief medical director of the hospital was perplexed with the stark possibility of a woman who had no womb but was yet able to give birth not to one but four children at a time. He invited African Independent Television(AIT) to cover my story. This drew the attention of the First Lady of the state who paid us a visit at the hospital. She placed the four kids on scholarship up to university level. Many other families who watched the program on AIT paid us a visit and each of them came with huge gifts. In less than one week we became millionaires from the gifts we received from the general public. Who says God is not alive? Peter, Paul, Elizabeth and Esther will be two years in June. Praise God who turned my captivity around. For waiting mothers who are reading this story, don’t give up on God, don’t try alternative means, don’t be too desperate, don’t use anybody’s life as a standard for yours. God is not dull, he makes all things beautiful in his own time. 

Your comments, suggestions and lesson you lean towards….

This story is dedicated to all those who are waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb.



Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 6

Semi final!

                                                               I was half conscious and half unconscious. I knew all the time he came on me but I couldn’t resist him or say anything. Was this what iya ibeji went through before having her twins? For the two weeks Prophet David took advantage of me. He gave me no breathing space day nor night. He will always sprinkle water on my private part before using me. My phone was taken away all through and switched off. I was to leave on Thursday, by Wednesday evening I was in full control of myself. ‘Where is my phone? I asked lady Stella. ‘Your phone will be given to you later tonight.’ When she brought my phone I quickly switched it on and I got more than ten SMS. Most of the messages were from my husband. While I was trying to go through the messages my phone rang, ‘Lo and behold, it was my husband, I didn’t pick as I had to think of a lie to tell him. He called again and I picked, ‘what happened my sweet heart?’ He asked anxiously. ‘My phone fell inside the three-seater sofa and I didn’t know it was switched off. I just discovered it today. It didn’t take him time to believe me. We talked at length and he narrated all his experience in Lagos. I will be back in a week’s time, he said and ended the call. Many things happened thereafter but after six months I was not pregnant. Iya ibeji kept encouraging me to be patient. She assured me I will be pregnant. My life became a mess – I started perceiving an offensive odour around my private part ever since I returned from Prophet David’s place. It came with itching and pain. I hid what I was going through from my husband but he noticed the odour and I guessed he couldn’t tell me. One year after, I was not pregnant. Sally was already pregnant with her second baby without stress. I told myself that if I didn’t get pregnant before she gave birth to her second baby I will denounce my faith in God. As far as i was concerned, it wasn’t worth it, serving God without anything to show for it. I had stopped observing my ovulation period because previous efforts had been fruitless. N600,000 had gone down the drain yet I couldn’t make trouble. Prophet David had abused me yet I had to remain mute. I had been battling with STDs I contacted from Prophet David but I couldn’t speak out. My salvation was already at stake, I couldn’t return back to God because I was angry with him for allowing me go through all these shameful and painful experiences. If God were human, I won’t forgive him. ‘Madam why did you wait for so long before coming to the hospital? The doctor asked me.  ..This is one of the dreaded STDs medical science has been battling with in recent times. I may have to refer you to a gynecologist for better attention. He wrote a short note on his complementary card and gave it to me to give to Dr Robert. He promised to call Dr Robert before I got there. “Madam, where is your husband? I can’t treat you until I see your husband or any representative of your family, Dr Robert told me. I was afraid my secret was about to be leaked out. This was the end of the road for me, I began to contemplate suicide, because I couldn’t face the shame. I refused to tell my husband until my condition grew worse. The odour became unbearable, I practically stank like a dead fowl. At this time my husband became bold enough to ask me why I was smelling. And without waiting for an answer, he said, ‘We will see the doctor tomorrow. Your wife is suffering from a chronic STD and it has affected her kidneys and her womb. If we don’t carry out a surgery on her in four days she may not be able to conceive again. My husband was shocked. ‘Doctor can we do the operation today?’ My husband asked, yes of course, if you are ready, the doctor told my husband. In less than thirty minutes I was wheeled to the theater for surgery. When I opened my eyes I saw my mom, our pastor and some brethren surrounded my bed. The way they all looked at me made me suspicious that something bad had happened. I was discharged but I kept seeing the doctor every week for check up. My journey of barrenness lasted for 14 years. All my friends and family connived not to tell me that my womb was removed during the operation in order to save my life. I knew this when I went for a check up in another hospital while my husband was away to Ghana. I have been without a womb for over ten years without knowing.  

What a life!? Patience is truly a great virtue!

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Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 5

5th episode

                                                                                                                                                                                                             I was very optimistic and calculative. I saw my period last on the 16th of July, this is 2nd September, I didn’t need any test to know I was pregnant with the changes in my body. I started acting drama for my husband. He gradually does everything in the house without complaining, “my dear just sleep and I will do everything for you”, that became Omeiza’s slogan. But he was bent on taking me to the hospital for a test. After mounting pressure on me? I succumbed just for him to let me be. I took my birth that morning and got to the hospital early just to please my husband and clear his doubt about my condition. I was number four on the queue waiting to be attended to. All the three women ahead of me came out of the laboratory with a smile and a white envelope in their hands. An elder cleaner and a staff of the hospital positioned herself by the entrance to the hospital laboratory who will always smile at women coming out of the maternity laboratory with a congratulatory greetings. ‘Congratulations madam”, she repeated to the first three women who went in before me as they came out smiling. It was my turn to go in, I had planned within me how I will change my steps when coming out with my white envelope. I love the old woman and I planned to hug her when she will be telling me “congratulations madam”. All the three women who went in before me spent between fifteen to twenty minutes and they were out. Forty minutes after I entered, the lab technician was yet to give me my result. I saw him going over the same process again and I knew something was wrong. Just a minute madam, he requested like three times. I became unnecessarily agitated and worried. Why is my own test taken so long? Has he discovered something else different from pregnancy in the test? What could be wrong? I thought of many things including being HIV positive. Even if I was HIV positive it must be from a different source and not sex. He finally handed over the envelope to me but mine was a brown envelope. All those who had come out before me were given white envelope, why is mine brown? I queried my mind. I was expecting him to say something but he handed over the envelope to me and continued his work as if I was no longer in the lab. I waited for about two minutes, expecting him to say something but he said nothing. Oga what is in the result? I asked him. He was not polite at all when he told me “madam the result is negative”. I quickly asked meaning what? As if I don’t understand what he meant. ‘Madam you are not pregnant’, he said carelessly. My whole body system changed immediately. Is this man sane? Is he a professional at all? ‘How can you tell me I am not pregnant after missing my period for more than twenty days. I have been having unprotected sex more than a month now. This can’t be true, I will go elsewhere to redo this test.’ I replied angrily. As I was about carrying my handbag I remembered the old cleaner at the reception and how I will face her with my brown envelope. I quickly squeezed the envelope into my bag. When I opened the door of the lab my legs were missing target as all other women seated turned at me with the old woman looking already pitiful. I felt like entering the ground that day, nobody told me congratulations like other women who came in before me. I looked at the old woman and tears dropped down my cheeks. She held me and whispered to me, “God will do it”. I quickly rushed out of the scene to avoid more pity from the waiting women. On my way to another clinic to prove the test wrong I felt a wetness in my pant. I stylishly put in my hand, it was blood, my menses just came. I told the taxi driver I wanted to drop, madam you no dey go Felele again? He asked. No I’m not going again, I changed my mind. He dropped me and I gave him N200 without asking for my change. When I dropped I went to I nearby shop and cried my life out. What will I tell my husband who is waiting for the good news? How do I explain my behavioural change and dramas? I felt like committing suicide that moment. While I was lost in thought my phone rang, it was my husband. Hello sweet heart, how did it go, are you through in the hospital, have you done the test? What is the result of the test? I didn’t know which of his questions to answer. I will be home soon, I replied and ended the call. Between ten minutes, series of questions and thoughts had overwhelmed me. Why and how can Sally who is a well known sinner be pregnant before her wedding and me who have been serving God faithfully to the best of my knowledge is made to go through this? I kept myself, Sally wasted herself yet Jacob’s blessing is given to Esau and Esau’s blessing given to Jacob. What have I done wrong? What is my offence? What did Sally do right that I didn’t do? 

What an irony of life!
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                                                                                                                                                                                                             I had to take two weeks break from work to be with Sally for her wedding preparations. We planned and executed every bit of her wedding decisions together. The wedding was okay because Sally’s husband worked with an oil company in Porthacourt; and with a fat salary, they could afford everything they wanted for the wedding. He had come for a two-week official assignment in Kano where he met with Sally. I felt for him considering the past life of my friend. Will she be able to give him a child at all? This was my thought all through the wedding. The wedding ended and I took off on Monday morning back to Lokoja. My wedding was in a month’s time, and I needed to put myself together so that I can be strong enough to go through the stress. I was shocked to my bones when Sally told me she won’t be coming for my wedding. ‘Why won’t you attend my wedding after all I went through to make yours a success?’ I protested. How can she be absent at my wedding? ‘No way, Sally I know you are joking,’ I said, laughing over the phone. ‘Maryam you won’t understand.’ she said. ‘On my wedding day, I was already two months pregnant and the doctor had advised me not to engage in strenuous activities in my first trimester.’ ‘Sally, you are what?’ I asked in surprise. It was a mixed feelings for me, I was happy she was pregnant and also unhappy she won’t make it to my wedding. But how could she be pregnant? after the last abortion the doctor told her that her chances of getting pregnant within the next five years is less than 7%. I would have ascribed this to a miracle but Sally was the least to enjoy God’s grace. I was happy for her, my fears had been taken away. But many questions ran through my mind; does God show mercy on unrepentant persons? To the best of knowledge, Sally is still a chronic sinner. Three of her boyfriends still sent her money while I was with her in the build up to her wedding. I was aware she still went to see Alhaji Ado in his hotel room four days to her wedding. I concluded, “His ways are not our ways” and left the matter at that. I began to plan for my own wedding as the day drew near. Sally and her husband sent me N300,000 to support my wedding plans. Three days to the D day I became feverish for thoughts and fears of sleeping with a man for the first time. I was told the first experience is not always funny especially at my age. I became so weak that I was taken to the hospital where I was given two drips before I was discharged. Everything went well, my mom was proud of me marrying at 29 as a virgin. My mom had taught me everything I needed to know and do as a new bride. On our first night together as husband and wife, my husband could not believe I was still a virgin when he couldn’t penetrate me. I had never told him I was a virgin either. After much struggle without success, he took a break and went downstairs as if he was going to buy something but I saw him making a call. He must have called a friend to narrate his experience. He came back after about 30 minutes with smile all over his face. Maryam, you are still a virgin? I smiled, I was proud of myself and my mom. My dream to give my virginity to my husband had finally come to reality. This time he knew what to do, he must have been taught from the phone conversation he had. That night he made a lot of promises to me including buying me a car. Been with Omeiza for one week without interruption from work and families was the best thing that ever happened to me. We gisted, played games, watched movies, ate and slept all through the week. We could go a whole day without seeing the sun, it was fun, fun and more fun. I knew I won’t escape been pregnant after a two week continuous sexual intercourse. One month after I started feeling funny in my body, of course I needed no laboratory test to know what was going on in my system. I was so weak that my husband will have to close on time from work to help me do some house chores. ‘You need to see the doctor,’ Omeiza pleaded. ‘I will see the doctor at the right time, I will be fine,’ I assured him.



                                                                   We graduated on the 18th September and it was celebration galore. I went back to Abuja to my parents to await my NYSC posting while Sally decided to stay back in Kano because she was offered a teaching job in one of the best private schools in Kano. It was the custom of the school to seek for the best graduating students in the University to offer a job with tempting pay. Sally though wasn’t the best student in our department but she was one of the best, she was preferred because she is from the north and could speak Hausa very well. She worked with the school for seven months when our posting came. The school owner has solid influence in the University and could influence Sally’s posting. Sally was posted to Kano after the school proprietor had pressed his buttons. You can’t imagine how much a private school was paying Sally, a semi graduate. We later learnt the school proprietor could spend fortune on his English and Mathematics teachers. When I came to collect my result, I spent three days with Sally in her one room self-contained apartment. Her lifestyle was now more terrible than when we were in school. I was posted to Lokoja for my Youth service. By that time, Daniel was already engaged with a girl he impregnated. I was disappointed but he explained everything to me and apologized for betraying me. His mother wanted him to marry the girl instead of waiting for me to complete my education. Unfortunately, we had two strikes that extended our stay in school beyond four years. He tried to resist the girl but his mother connived with the girl and played smart on him. I was sorry for him because I know he’s not the tough type. That was the end of my journey with Daniel. It was a bit painful because I had turned down all proposals from all the guys I met in school because of Daniel. I moved on with my life as I reported to Lokoja for my Youth service program. At Lokoja, I met an Ebira guy, Omeiza by name. He was just the perfect guy I could have something serious with. He works with Kogi State ministry of finance, a Christian per excellence. He lived in a well furnished two bedroom apartment and he was relatively comfortable. His salary was not much but he was from a royal family and his father willed some of his properties in and outside Lokoja to him before he died. He had just two brothers, one lived in the US while the other is an officer in the Nigerian Army. I met Omeiza through a friend in our church. I called her my friend because we were both in the church choir together. Omeiza did not let me feel the vacuum created by Daniel. He was all over me all through my service year in Lokoja. ‘Maryam, you will be completing your service in a month’s time, I will like you to take me to your parents next week. I have also concluded arrangements to take you to my people this weekend,’ he said. I was perplexed, I had never introduced anyone to my parents as my man, how will I do this? What will I tell Mrs Ladidi, the iron lady? I began to rehearse how I will tell my mom that I now had a fiance. I called Sally to advice me on how to present it to my parents that I was bringing my boyfriend to the house when she broke the news to me. ‘Maryam my wedding will be coming up in July and you’re gonna be my chief bride maid.’ July 4th was our proposed date with Omeiza but I didn’t bother to tell her on phone. I was happy for my friend that she will be settling down at last. We talked at length about the guy, the wedding and lots more. Immediately she dropped the call I remembered all the abortions Sally had done, would she be able to get pregnant again especially with the last experience? I really feared for her. I told Omeiza about Sally and her wedding plans, so we shifted ours to a further date in September in order to provide the needed support for my friend’s wedding. After the lecture from Sally on how to present my boyfriend to my parents, I called my mom and repeated almost word to word everything Sally told me to my mom with a shaky voice. Sincerely I was shocked at my mom’s response, I was expecting a shout like usual but this time it was different. The salutation was different, her voice was cooler, her words of praises gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing. This was the first time I had the guts to talk to my mom about a man. I was expecting her to say “make sure he doesn’t touch you” or “you must not allow him see your pant” as usual but I was disappointed. She was happy and promised to tell my dad about our proposed visit. We first traveled to Okene to see his family. Their house was big, what do you expect from a royal family? Everyone accepted me, his aged mother made me sit on her laps like a baby, wow I felt like a princess for the two days we stayed in Okene. It was like we already married, his people were lovely and hospitable. We all went to church on Sunday in the family Sienna car, his mother, two cousin sisters and myself sitting in front of the car with Omeiza like the queen of Ohinohi, hahaha. We left Okene very early in the morning on Monday to report directly to our places of work. Okene to Lokoja was less than an hour drive. When we arrived Lokoja I was thinking of how we will pass the night in my house, our house in Abuja isn’t as big as Omeiza’s house in Okene where I had a whole big room to myself. The thought of how to pass the night in Abuja with Omeiza became my major problem. We left for Abuja on Friday afternoon. On arrival my mom was all over him, ‘my son that, my son this.’ She barely had time for me. He was led to the dinning table and my mom served my boyfriend a sumptuous meal, this is unbelievable. Mrs Ladidi had changed. I couldn’t comprehend her sudden change for quite a while. Immediately after the dinner, I began to think about where to sleep. My mom had everything planned out without me knowing. She had asked my sisters to moved their things temporarily to her room, the same room she shared with my dad. Maryam, let my son go and rest as she pointed to the other room, of course there are only two rooms. The second room was our room but the arrangement was amazing this time. The two of us were to use the room while my two sisters use the sitting room. How can my mom trust me and a man inside a room all the night after all her teachings? I was not comfortable with the arrangement so I led Omeiza to the room and joined my sisters at the sitting room. She came out at about 10:30pm and saw me at the sitting room with my sisters and almost got angry, you left only him in the room? She asked angrily. I couldn’t say a word but quickly joined him in the room. 


Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 2

2nd Episode

                                                                      I got admission into Bayero University Kano(BUK) to study Mass Communication – a four year course. My departure from Daniel was painful but it was expedient. My first three months in school was like I was in another world without Daniel. My loneliness didn’t last for too long before I met Sally. Sally was a very brilliant student, charming and lovely. She was one of the best students in my class. We got attracted to each other because of her humility and simplicity. I have never seen a lady so brilliant and pretty and still humble the way Sally was. The only problem with my friend is that she doesn’t know how to say no to proposals from guys. I became her saviour when I came into her life, as I had to help her turn down some casual proposals from some casual guys. Guys were flocking around her because she had what it takes for any man to want to die for her. Before I met her, she had already dated two guys in the same department just barely four months after entering into school. When our first semester result was released Sally had one of the highest GPA, only one guy was ahead of her. The result made Sally more popular than before. Our friendship was cut short by the semester’s break that lasted for about a month. By the time we resumed for the second semester, we agreed to live together off campus. We took a room apartment outside the campus and life began on a new note. How Sally was able to combine her academic work together with her numerous male friends and still came out with strong 2.1 still remains a mystery. I knew I could not compare myself with Sally if I have to graduate from the school. I concentrated on my books while Sally gave better of her times to men. Before we finished second semester, Sally had already had two D&Cs, while I was still a virgin. All these never affected her grades or performance in school. Sally never stayed with a guy for more than two months. She changed them like clothes and shoes. She came back home one day drunk and almost half naked. ‘Sally where are you coming from?’ I asked, but she did not reply a word. She managed to get herself into the bathroom for a shower. I joined her in the bathroom to know what had happened to my friend. Her hair, her torn pants and stains all over her body made me to deduce that my friend had been drugged and raped. Who did this to you Sally? I asked, she never altered a word to tell me what had happened to her but it was obvious. I became afraid of Sally because of her proscumity and waywardness. I was afraid she was going to contact an incurable disease someday as she jumped from one guy to the other. Lecturers were not spared by Sally. She was also good at snatching people’s boyfriends. By the time we got to 300level I made up my mind not to stay together with Sally again because of her lifestyle but she won’t let me leave. ‘You’re the only true friend I have in this campus, you still tell me the truth even when I am not taking your advice. What will now be of me if people like you are no longer in my life to help correct my excesses?’ She said to me when I broke the news to her of my intention to stay on my own that semester. Her words touched me and I gave my conditions if I have to stay together with her. ‘Condition one is that you must not have two boyfriends at a time. Condition two is that you must always follow me to the church anytime I am going.’ She crossed her heart and accepted my conditions, so I stayed back. Sally kept to the deal for just three weeks and went back to her lifestyle. My heart was broken because she will be going for another abortion by the weekend, this will be the 5th abortion she will be doing in three years. I began to fear for her future, how will she be able to give birth when she’s married? I asked myself. This last abortion was not funny as she bled for almost two weeks after. Sally almost died but we couldn’t seek help because we couldn’t tell people she just had an abortion. I thought this experience will teach her a lesson but I was wrong. She seemed to be wilder after that incidence. ‘ Sally! We’ve got a special guest pastor from Lagos. He has been around for the past two days and today is the last day he will be with us, I will like you to come with me to the church to be part of the blessing of today. I will go with you if you will promise me we will close or I can leave by 7pm because I have an important appointment by 7:30pm. I quickly accepted her condition, at least she will be in the church. The guest speaker hadn’t even started his sermon when Sally looked into my eyes. Of course I knew what that meant. Before I could say anything she had picked her bag and was gone. I tried to see her off but she was in hurry so I let her be. I got home by 9:05 and met Sally with two guys on our bed.


Stories: Get Me Pregnant – Episode 1

1st Episode

                                                                              Thanks to my mother, Mrs Ladidi who taught me to be a woman of pride and dignity. It will be difficult for many to believe I was still a virgin even after my university education. My mother was that strict woman who must not see you with any man. She made us believed you can never be respected by your husband if he meets your disvirgined. So I did everything in my wisdom and strength to keep my virginity all through my secondary school and university days. There were series of temptations and narrow escapes but it was not easy. Danjuma was my first love, we met while I was in SSS 2. He was a good guy except that he wanted me to prove my love for him by sleeping with him. I had told him from the onset of our relationship that *this is everything minus sex* and he agreed. We dated for three years, but it was three years of agony and pain. In our three years of dating, he attempted raping me six times but was unsuccessful. I will never forget the last attempt, he had succeeded in tearing my pant and I had made up my mind to let him into my body but he lost erection after all the struggle to get me down. That was how I escaped the sixth attempt. You must be thinking why I had not walked away after the second or the third attempt, I myself can’t tell why I couldn’t walk away. All my friends knew I was still a virgin and the only virgin among our clique. Severally they had arranged some boys to get me disvirgined but I was smarter than them. I had a strong intuition to know when they drugged my food or drinks just to get at me. Some of them thought I was a witch but I wasn’t. They intentionally discussed how sweet sex was while I was with them to make me change my mind but I was resolute – my mother’s words are more stronger than theirs. I want to be a woman of pride and dignity. I will keep my virginity for my husband no matter the cost. My second boyfriend was not as aggressive as Danjuma, he was calmer and respected my decision with the hope that he will eventually be that husband to break the cistern. Our love for each other was enviable. We were like the Romeo and Juliet of our time. In all our times together he never tried to force me to sleep with him except on two occasions when were lost in lust for each other. We almost could not resist each other as we both caressed each other like two love birds. He looked at my face, I looked at his and remembered my covenant, “I will keep my virginity for my husband”. Something within me said, “but Dan will marry you, there’s no difference if he does it now or later.” I quickly rejected that voice and disengaged from his arms and took my leave.  These were not easy decisions anyway. Even though he had never complained, putting him in the mood and leaving him in that manner gave me a lot of concern and worry. I shared my experience with Jumai and she felt I was wicked. ‘A man who has given you everything you wanted in life, he has provided your material needs, given you time and affection, etc, what else can you give him as a pay back or appreciation for all his gestures?’ She asked me. Jumai made me feel indebted to Daniel and I couldn’t sleep all through the night because of her words. I woke up at about 2am that night and I was overwhelmed with the thought of Daniel. In reality there’s nothing Daniel hasn’t done to make me happy, there’s nothing I give him that will be too much for his love towards me, not even my virginity. Immediately I decided that moment to give it to him. I picked my phone and sent him a text message, “I will be coming to your place tomorrow”. He replied after 23 minutes, “it’s ok, I will be expecting you”. I was eager to meet with Daniel so he can make me feel like a woman for the first time. The clock became slow for my liking. Because of what people will say, I waited till 10am before going to his house. The moment I entered, he knew I was up to something, my face said it all, my actions spelt it better but Daniel is a rare gem. He reminded me of my covenant, the words of my mother to me. ‘Will you break your covenant for five minutes enjoyment?’ He asked me. I was ashamed of myself, I could not look straight into his eyes again. He picked up my pant and wore them on me himself. We will do this when we are married, he said. Tears of mixed feelings dropped down my cheeks. ‘Daniel I love you.’ ‘Maryam I love you more.’ We hugged each other and he led me to the door.

Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 4

Telling lies is the fastest way to lose a person’s trust in you. The funny thing about lying is that once you tell a lie, you will need to tell more lies to cover up the first one. Imagine the height of selfishness and wickedness that Chelsea portrayed by trying to abort her three months old baby, simply because Robert wasn’t interested in marrying her anymore. What kind of woman takes the life of a baby she deliberately punctured her partner’s protections to have? The fact that Robert was done with the relationship wasn’t enough reason for Chelsea to consider abortion. Highly inconsiderate of her!

One look at Chelsea and Robert could see ‘Lies’ written all over her face. What will a lady that came for Antenatal care be doing in an operation ward? He could tell that she was lying and was disgusted at the effrontery she had to lie to him. At that moment, he was ready to devour her.

“I must look stupid to you huh? I must look like a fool for you to stand here and lie to my face that you came here for antenatal care when I know fully well that you came to abort my baby” Robert flared up, “How can I do such a thing? Please stop putting allegations on my head, I beg you” Chelsea said in a panicking tone. There and then, Robert figured that she was only going to lie further and he clearly wasn’t ready to listen to any more lies that came out from her mouth so he dropped a stern warning before leaving; “You irritate me with your lies and I can’t stand in the same space with you for another second. However, you would see the beast side of me when I look for my baby that you are carrying and hear stories. I swear Chelsea, you wouldn’t be ready for the monster side of me if you ever try to abort this baby. Have a nice antenatal care day” he angrily said and stormed out of the hospital.

Immediately Robert left, Chelsea held her chest and tried to catch some breath because she was out of breath and scared. “How on earth did he find out” she wondered as she tried to sit down on one of the chairs in the waiting room. There were so many thoughts on Chelsea’s head that moment and it finally dawned on her that there was no way she was going to proceed with the abortion; not after Robert’s threats and seeing how extremely pissed he was.

After catching some breath and cooling off, Chelsea walked up to the nurse at the counter; who obviously saw all the drama display that happened earlier, and told the nurse that she wasn’t going to go ahead with the appointment she had with the doctor. There and then, Chelsea cancelled her appointment and shamefully went straight home afterwards.

All through that day, Robert was boiling with anger and was still shocked that Chelsea could have done a thing like that to their child. Due to that, he was now scared and started seeking for means to keep his unborn child safe before something drastic happens. Robert reported the matter to the police first thing the next day and Chelsea was called in for questioning and was made to sign an undertaking not to do anything harmful to her unborn baby.

It was such a humiliating day for Chelsea at the police station because everyone present got to find out that she almost killed her own baby. It wasn’t a good stigma that was associated with her name and it killed her slowly to know that Robert was never going to see her again as the once lovely lady he fell in love with, but would rather begin to see her as an ill mannered cold blooded killer. What a demeaning reputation indeed!

Shortly after the abortion incident, life moved on and Chelsea went back to her reality of being an expectant mother. It killed her slowly that she was still stuck with the pregnancy and still wasn’t in a relationship with her baby’s daddy. Chelsea cried almost every night because of her unfortunate predicament and slowly started having wrinkles and black eyes on her face. Everyday seemed like a nightmare to her because it reminded her of her present reality and the huge gap that stood between it and the life she always bragged and dreamed of.

Life is mysterious indeed because who would have thought that Chelsea of all people would end up that way. Not in a thousand years did she ever believe that her life would end up the way it presently was. Crying was now her best hobby because she woke up and went to sleep each day with tears in her eyes. At that point she started becoming pitiable and this made her step mother draw a bit closer to her because her condition was sad.

Chelsea was extremely happy because her step mother started drawing closer to her. At that period, her step mum was her only close companion because she was still hiding herself from her friends. The leave of absence Chelsea took from work was over and she had to return to the office with her 4 months old baby bump. She explained to her boss all the drama that had being going on in her personal life and also told her about the called off engagement. Being a fellow woman, her boss empathised with her and welcomed her back to work.

Life as a single expectant mother wasn’t easy for Chelsea. Money wasn’t the problem because Robert always made sure to give her necessary finances because of his baby she was carrying. Chelsea was comfortable financially because Robert wasn’t slacking on his daddy duties. The main reason why she was still going through a tough time was because she had to deal with side eyes, gossips and mockery from both strangers and her friends. No body ever believed that life would humble her to such extent. It was truly shocking!

“Have you heard oh, I can’t just believe what my ears heard earlier today” Prisca said, “Don’t tell me it’s Chelsea’s gist you want to talk about because I already know what’s been going on with her” Mercy replied. Apparently, these two ladies where part of the people Chelsea mocked for marrying average men. But the good news now was that their husband’s were now doing perfectly fine and had upgraded massively. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.

“After all that girl said about me; how she gossiped and laughed at my wedding reception. It’s clear God have started paying her back in her own coins because she made me cry my eyes out after my wedding” Mercy disclosed, “My sister it’s not only you, if you see what Mary told me that Chelsea said about me after my wedding, you will just pity for me. There’s nothing I didn’t hear that was said about my husband. This lady humiliated me behind my back after I even trusted her as a friend and made her one of my Chief Bride’s Maids. So the madam of all people is now a baby mama after I heard her marriage got cancelled. Hmmm” Prisca said. Both ladies talked and poured out their hearts on the matter on ground because Chelsea greatly hurt them in the past. Gradually, Chelsea became the major topic on the lips of the people that knew her. It was such a degrading reality that she had found herself in and what made matters worse was all her bad deeds of the past. Truth be told, the reactions were expected because no one ever saw it coming at all.

There’s this popular saying that “If you can’t eat it, then don’t serve it”. Apparently, Chelsea wasn’t strong enough to receive the same portion of mockery and gossips she dished out to people in the past. Everything that was going on around her started affecting her mental health and focus. At work, she made multiple mistakes that the manager had to take her off the cashier section and made her work backstage in the bank. Her job description changed as she wasn’t having direct access to customers anymore.

Everything that was going on in Chelsea’s life began to weigh her down and resulted in a premature birth of her baby. Labour came in the 7th month and she was forced to deliver the baby prematurely. It was such a hard time for both Chelsea and Robert because they were scared the baby wasn’t going to scale through and make it out alive. The baby was placed in an incubator for the remaining months in order to form properly.

At that moment, Chelsea truly wanted her baby boy to live because her eyes had come down to embrace reality. A lot of her friends came around to visit her during those trying times and it broke her heart to see the same people she mocked, coming to visit and take care of her during her down moments. it broke Chelsea’s heart when it dawned on her that she didn’t deserve such good treatments from the same people she hadn’t being nice to in the past.

“I’m so sorry for everything I ever did to hurt any of you in the past. I was a lady that thought the whole world revolved around me but it’s now clear that it doesn’t. I honestly wish I can take back all the hurtful things I said to each and everyone of you but it’s so sad that I can’t. Life had to take me through hell to humble me and make me realise that there’s much more to life than my beauty and charming looks. Look at me today, no good man wants to have anything to do with me. Almost all of you are happily married and living in your husband’s houses of which I mocked you for but it’s clear now that what you guys presently have is what I greatly desire and can give up anything just to have a taste of. I can’t even tell how my life went from 100 to 0 real quick. I used my own hands to ruin my life because I felt anyone could be replaced in a minute but I’m now realising through the hard way that no one should be proud of their ability to replace people, but should rather be proud of their ability to keep relationships and people. I’m so sorry Mercy, Uju, Bola, Zainab, Itoro, Adesuwa and Enita. Please you guys should forgive me” Chelsea soberly said. Her friends were greatly moved and shed a few tears with her. They all hugged each other and assured Chelsea that everything was going to be alright.

In all that was happening, the underlying cause of Chelsea’s misfortune was the curse her father placed on her some years back. It was quite unfortunate that it had never crossed her mind that the curse could be the major cause of all her problems. We all know that Chelsea was rude, ill-mannered and had bad character but that wasn’t enough to put her through all the unfortunate events that had been going on in her life of late. There was something else behind all this and God was merciful enough to bring it to her realisation one fateful day.

One day, while Chelsea was at the hospital to see her premature baby, she stood in front of the glass window of the room that contained the incubator her baby was in. As she kept staring at her baby, tears started falling off her eyes as she remembered when she wanted to abort the pregnancy. Guilt like never before overshadowed her conscience and she started asking God for forgiveness there and then.

As Chelsea prayed within, she was distracted by a sound from behind. She quickly turned and realised that one of the nurses unknowingly hit her leg on something and had fallen down.

Concerned about the nurse, Chelsea ran towards her and offered to lend a helping hand. Immediately she helped the lady back on her feet, she entered into a trans and her mind travelled down memory lane to the very day she pushed her dad on the floor and he cursed her out of pain. That revelation of what could be the cause of her misery hit her very hard and left her mouth wide opened.

Extremely shocked and numb, Chelsea muttered “Dad!”.

End of episode 4 😉
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Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 3

There are so many mistakes a person can make in life that are pardonable, but don’t ever make the mistake of disrespecting your partner’s parents; their mothers mostly. It took someone many years to nurture and groom your partner to that handsome or beautiful person they are; because they clearly didn’t fall from the sky with all the qualities you fell in love with. No matter how much your mother or father in-law gets on your nerves, don’t ever disrespect them because it will only make you look bad at the end of the day and not them. Learn to walk away from certain situations without a reaction, no matter how pissed you are. Remember, not all battles requires your manpower because you are bound to lose in some. Apparently, no one ever told Chelsea that Robert’s mother was off limit when it came to exhibiting her bad character; it’s quite unfortunate that she found out the hard way.

If there was one thing Robert would never tolerate in his life, then it would be for someone to disrespect his mum that worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to raise him and his siblings. The fact that Chelsea had the guts to talk that way to a woman she was meeting for the first time, went far to show the extent of how terrible she was. The fact that Robert’s mum was disrespected because of something as minor as lending a helping hand to her in the kitchen by just showing where basic items were located, was enough to drive him crazy.

“Chelsea I asked you a question, did you just talk to my mother like that?” Robert furiously inquired, “No baby, we were just having a conversation and nothing too serious” Chelsea lied. At that moment, Robert wasn’t ready for any cheap lies, so he walked towards his mother and asked her what was going on. “My son it’s OK, just go and rest because I am preparing something so we can eat” His mum gently said, “Why are you the one preparing food when you just came? Chelsea why didn’t you fix something for my mum to eat? There are soups and stew in the fridge, why didn’t you warm up any of them for her?” he angrily asked.

It was clear that things had started blowing out of proportion and at that point, Chelsea didn’t know what else to say or do to calm Robert’s temper down. Being out of ideas, she optioned out to using her pregnancy as an excuse as to why she couldn’t prepare something for her visiting mother in-law. “Baby you know I am pregnant and can’t be doing stressful things, your mum was capable of fixing something to eat so that’s why I let her do it herself” she lied. Unfortunately, it was too late for any lies because Robert was done with her.

Highly irritated at the height of Chelsea’s unapologetic expression, Robert wanted her out of his house that very minute because she was the last person he wanted around him or his mum at that moment. “I want you to get your lying self out of my house this very minute else I’ll help you. Just thank your stars that you have my baby in your tummy otherwise I don’t know what I would have done to you this minute. You are very corny and highly manipulative and I forgot to mention that you are Toxic too. What kind of lady sits in the living room while her mother inlaw to-be makes food for herself in the kitchen. For crying out loud, you are just meeting my mother for the first time and couldn’t even pretend to be nice. I can’t even trust you anymore because it’s clear that you are a two faced human being. It kills me that you are the mother of my unborn child because if it were left to me, I would never had willingly gotten you pregnant because I wouldn’t want my child to have an overly pompous and disrespectful mother like you. Of everyone you could have insulted and gone scot-free, you chose my mother who have done nothing but love you. I can’t let this one go by, just leave my house this minute” He angrily said.

One look at the situation on ground and Chelsea could already tell that it was beyond her control. As she ran out of possible options to cool off Robert’s anger, she eventually subjected to crying. “Baby please I am sorry, mama please beg him for me” Chelsea said but as at then, Robert’s heart was already made up. He requested for the spare key of his house that was in her possession and stormed out when she told him it was at the door.

Before Robert walked out on Chelsea, he held his mother’s shoulders and told her to go back into the kitchen and not utter a word to plead on Chelsea’s behalf. They both left the rude pregnant woman alone and walked away. Robert didn’t want to force Chelsea out of his house because she was carrying his child, he left her in the living room and told her to leave before he comes back there.

Everything happened so fast that Chelsea didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that Robert was done with her and didn’t want anything to personally do with her, except for anything that concerned his baby she was carrying. The thought of being a baby mama scared the living being out of Chelsea and brought shame to her. “This can’t be happening! This witch came all the way to spoil everything I have worked hard to get. So all my efforts to trap and marry Robert is now in vain? God forbid! What will people say? A whole Chelsea, pregnant without husband? No way! Heart attack oh, my heart, my heart!” She voiced out in pain but neither Robert nor his mother minded her little drama show.

As evening drew near, Chelsea was still in the house and didn’t want to leave without making things right with her man. By that time, she had cried her eyes out and was almost at the verge of collapsing. The funny thing now was that Robert overheard when she called his mum a witch and that toughened his heart the more towards his decision. The only thing that saved Chelsea that day was because she was pregnant, if not, she might have paid dearly for disrespecting Robert’s mum.

On seeing that Chelsea didn’t want to leave, Robert came back to the living room with her hand bag and forcefully escorted her out. She was fortunate enough to have an Uber waiting for her outside his house.

That day was a nightmare for Chelsea because it seemed as though her life was crumbling right in front of her. As the Uber driver drove her home, she started regretting why she disrespected her mother in-law earlier. It’s too sad that we can’t take back the hands of time otherwise Chelsea would have done so that evening. It was there and then that the reality of her being a baby mama started to dawn on her. The thought of what people would say and how her friends were going to laugh at her, doubled her pain.

Do you know what it would mean for the almighty Chelsea that had the whole world revolving around her, to end up unmarried with a baby? We are talking about a lady that had all calibres of men at her beck and call, a lady that carried herself like a demi god, a lady that made mockery of her friends that married average men with less fortune, a lady that disrespected anyone that wasn’t on her level, and a lady that thought the whole world revolved around her. Do you know what it would mean for her to fall beyond expectation? Not after all she had done to people in the past? Not after she hit her chest, stamped her feet and vowed never to marry a broke man. It’s funny how life is you know? You can dream all you want but don’t ever look down on someone’s reality just because it doesn’t match your dreams. Remember, a bird at hand is better than a thousand in the open air.

It’s foolishness to laugh at a person just because they married someone that isn’t too loaded; when you don’t even know what awaits you yet. There’s a huge difference between wishing something good for yourself and bringing others down by laughing at them just because they got less than what you have pictured for yourself. Chelsea wasn’t wrong to have wanted the best things of life, but where she missed it was by mocking and gossiping anyone she knew that did a low budget wedding or married a ‘not too rich’ man. Life was about to humble her beyond her imagination!

It’s been two days after the incident that happened at Robert’s house and he still wasn’t picking up Chelsea’s calls. He sent money to her account for upkeep but didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Out of frustration, Chelsea told her dad what had happened but he didn’t want to interfere in anyway because he knew that his daughter was the cause of any problem that resulted to their break-up. “The man that came to this house for introduction was very serious to marry you but I know you have shown him the other side of you; that is why he ran. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea! How many times did I call you? Just look at how you have reduced yourself to a laughing stock. God blessed you with beauty but forgot to give you the character to maintain that beauty. This your beauty has taken you to places but you couldn’t sustain it and now look at you” Her dad said and shook his head in disappointment.

One look at the old man and Chelsea could see the shame in his eyes. It was quite careless of her not to have remembered the curse her dad placed on her so she could beg him to revoke it. She might have probably forgotten about it, but I wonder why she would forget something of such magnitude; except of course she felt the curse had no effect.

As days and weeks passed, Chelsea’s baby bump started showing for all to see. She took a leave of absence from work because she was too ashamed to turn up everyday. She distanced herself from her friends but news spread like wide fire so they already knew what was going on. The situation Chelsea was in was indeed laughable because that was the last thing anyone ever thought will happen to her. Unfortunately, her dad’s curse was very much active because alot of people started seeing her less attractive and less important.

Out of shame, Chelsea went back to her father’s house so she could hide from the whole world. Her step mum avoided her like a plague and didn’t step foot in the boys quarter for one day to check up on her. That period was the most devastating period of Chelsea’s life because she didn’t know what to do. Her mind became the devil’s workshop and she did something unbelievable one day.

It turns out that Chelsea was over 3 months gone but started having thoughts of aborting the pregnancy so she could pretend like nothing happened and go back into the market for men to start wooing her again. The fact that she was even thinking about taking the life of a baby that had taken over 3 moths to form was total wickedness and highly selfish of her.

Without the knowledge of Robert, Chelsea went ahead to seek for abortion measures and finally had an appointment with a specialist that was going to abort the baby. Before then, she had already made up stories to tell her dad and Robert when they inquire about what happened to the pregnancy.

God willing, one of the nurses at that hospital Chelsea wanted to abort the baby in, knew Robert. Turns out that the lady had seen Chelsea with Robert on many occasions so she alerted him one evening after work. “Hi Rob, what’s up?” the lady greeted, “I’m good Ivy, how’s work” Robert greeted and she told him all was good. After they were done exchanging greetings, Ivy went to the main reason why she called. “Are you still together with Chelsea?” she asked, “Not really, we have been apart since last month” he replied, “Last month? So that means you know she’s pregnant?” she asked and he told her that the baby was his.

That revelation by Robert almost made Ivy drop dead due to shock. “Are you telling me you are the father to the baby she’s carrying?” She asked and by that time, Robert was already beginning to get suspicious that something was wrong. “Yes, she’s over 3 months gone” he said and that was when she revealed to him that Chelsea had an abortion appointment the next day.

Confused and shocked to the brim, Robert shouted “What!”. He couldn’t believe this ears and certainly didn’t want to believe that Chelsea was capable of murder. “How could she? My own child? My God!” he screamed out in shock.

Thankfully to Robert’s friend, he was able to get the name of the hospital and time that Chelsea was scheduled for the abortion. The scary thing about all this was that Chelsea could lose her life in the process because the baby was over 3 months old and her bump was already visible. I wonder what sort of a lady she was and at that point, one could attest to the fact that she was truly deranged.

Early morning the next day, Robert was already at the hospital waiting for Chelsea to show up. He didn’t want to call her on phone to confirm the news because he wanted to see with his eyes if she was truly going to show up at that hospital to kill his child. There were so many feelings going back and forth in Robert’s mind but the most of all was Rage.

An hour after Robert’s arrival, Chelsea showed up at the hospital but didn’t see him because he was hiding at one corner, covering his face with a newspaper. She first went to the nurse at the front desk to check in for her abortion appointment. Robert quietly got up and walked up to where she stood and tapped her shoulder from behind.

Immediately Chelsea turned and caught a glimpse of Robert, she almost fainted. Her mouth was wide opened and her hands began to shake uncontrollably.

Before Robert could utter a word, tears began to fall from his eyes. Devastated and broken, he said; “I thought I could at least trust you with my child, but here you are; on your way to take away the life of an innocent baby that chose you as the mother. Lay a finger on that baby and I will come for you with everything in me.

Shocked and scared, Chelsea said; “Errrm, you got it all wrong, I came for antenatal care”.

End of episode 3 😉
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Stories: The Unknown Tomorrow – Episode 2

Life has the ability to humble a person and bring them down from their high horses. Don’t ever assume that you are too much of a person and better than others because no one is certainly above others. If only Chelsea knew that a day will come where she will use her mouth to eat back her words, she might have probably been more careful with the way she mocked and laughed at people that married spouses with less fortune. Not in a thousand years did the almighty Chelsea ever imagine that she would be desperate to the point of tricking and trapping a man with pregnancy just for him to marry her. This goes far to confirm the statement that ‘no one knows tomorrow’.

On hearing the news of Chelsea’s unwanted and unplanned pregnancy, Robert’s mind totally shut down and his body was covered with goose-bumps. The major thing that got him overly shocked was the fact that he used protection whenever they made Love, so he kept wondering how Chelsea took in.

“How is this possible? When did I ever make love to you without protections? How did I get you pregnant?” Robert curiously inquired, “How many question do you want to ask me at once? Am I not the one who’s supposed to be asking you all these question on how I got pregnant. Aren’t you the man that gave the life? We all know protections can’t be trusted a hundred percent, so maybe one of them had holes and was licking or it could have burst while you were thrusting. Please spare me all these questions because I’m as confused as you are” Chelsea angrily said.

Due to the new development on ground, Robert couldn’t carry on with his initial intention of breaking up with Chelsea. There was no way he was going to go ahead with his initial plans when he just found out that she was carrying his child. It was a whole lot for him to handle at that time so he had to drive down to her house so they could talk face-to-face about the latest development.

That same day, Robert went down to Chelsea’s house and she did series of home tests just to prove the pregnancy news to him. All tests turned out positive so there was no need to doubt the authenticity of the news. Despite the fact that Robert wasn’t that happy to still be in a relationship with Chelsea, he was very much happy about his new bundle of joy on the way.

After they were done confirming the pregnancy news, they began to talk about their next course of action. “We have to get married because I’m not giving birth to this child out of wedlock. Come and see my father and do the needful” Chelsea outrightly said. It turns out Robert wasn’t in the same line of thoughts with her; “You have to calm down because to be honest, I called you earlier today to end things with you before you broke this pregnancy news to me. Without doubts, I want our child to be born into a family with both parents and not a baby mama situation but the only problem now is that I don’t find you attractive anymore due to your bad and nasty attitude. You are always rude and disrespectful to my friends, you hardly take corrections and you never agree that you are wrong. Look, I get that you are beautiful but that honestly isn’t enough and certainly shouldn’t be your licence to have a bad character. With the situation of things now, I’m willing to give this relationship one more shot to see if we can work out, just for the sake of our child. Please don’t let me regret this new decision” Robert said.

The atmosphere was a little bit tensed due to the seriousness of the conversation they were having. Chelsea agreed to work on her ways just so things can work out between her and the father of her child. To be truly honest, the main reason she was so positive about working things out was because she didn’t want to lose the one man that was capable of giving her that dream wedding and life she always wanted. At that time, everyone Chelsea knew were keeping there fingers crossed and waiting for her Big day so they could see the heavy weight wedding she would do. Not after all the mockery and laughter her friends had received in her hands. They all wanted to see how her own wedding would turn out to be and also the wealthy man she was going to marry.

Deep down in Chelsea’s heart, she knew she couldn’t disappoint and needed to prove to the world that she was ‘Mrs Talk and Do’. Upon finding out that Robert wanted to break up with her, she took a deep breath and thanked God she acted faster by doing what she did that led to her pregnancy.

The new reality was a lot for both of them to digest but life had to move on eventually. Due to what Robert said about Chelsea’s bad attitude and how he was going to end their relationship if she didn’t change, she deliberately began to put her ways in order. She pretended a lot whenever he was present and acted a different way when he wasn’t around. In no time, Robert’s friends started noticing the change of attitude and kept wondering what happened to the once rude and pompous lady.

In order not to lose Robert, Chelsea began to fake good character whenever she was with him. She would serve his friends and fake laugh with them just so they could say good things about her to Robert. As time went by, her tummy began to show a bit and both of them started working towards going to meet her father.

Before the scheduled day of the meeting, Chelsea went home to first inform her dad that her suitor was coming to see him. As at that time, they weren’t still in good terms but she begged him and was able to get his consent to tell Robert to come. Unfortunately for Chelsea, she didn’t recall the curse her dad placed on her head, so as to beg him to revoke it. It happened a long time ago so she had forgotten all about it. Her dad might have told her to bring her suitor but that don’t mean he wanted to have anything to do with her.

Matter of fact, Chelsea’s dad only accepted to see her suitor because he wanted her to get married off so she could leave her step mum alone and face her own family. They didn’t have that father and daughter relationship at all because she was extremely stubborn and disrespectful.

As a pregnant woman who hadn’t been proposed to or married off yet, Chelsea was slightly ashamed and always wore an engagement ring on her finger whenever she went to work, to reduce the eye balls that looked at her. The pregnancy wasn’t that obvious but she still took measures by wearing a fake engagement ring; just in case anyone noticed her bump.

The day finally came for the introduction and Chelsea couldn’t be more excited. She wanted things to speed up so they could get married before the pregnancy becomes extremely obvious for all to see. During the introduction, her step mother wasn’t present. Chelsea didn’t bother as to why her step mum wasn’t there and was satisfied with her dad and uncle’s presence. Robert was introduced to the family and made his intentions of marrying their daughter known. The introduction went smoothly and the next phase of paying her bride price and the rest followed. Robert was financially loaded and bound on doing everything that was required of him before Chelsea could be his wife.

Due to how smooth and fast the introduction went, Chelsea’s heart was filled with joy. Shortly afterwards, she left with her man and bid ‘Goodbye’ to her dad and uncle. But before they left, Robert gave a bundle of cash to his in-laws and thanked them for accepting him as their son in-law. Initially, Chelsea’s dad didn’t want to take the money because he wasn’t in good terms with his daughter but had to take it after his brother poked him and gave him a side eye.

Everything seemed as though it was going towards the right direction for Chelsea until something drastic happened. Well, you know what they say about pretending? That no matter how much a person pretends to cover up their bad attitude, they would get tired someday and eventually show their true colour. Apparently, Chelsea wasn’t genuinely repentant of her bad character and didn’t work on herself to change for the better but was rather pretending so she doesn’t lose Robert. I guess she couldn’t keep up with the lie and her dad’s curse was still very much active in her life.

Turns out that Robert’s mother came around to visit her son without first informing him. At that time, his mum was already aware of Chelsea’s pregnancy but hadn’t met her in person yet. Due to the excitement of having a grandchild soon, the elderly Woman made her way to her son’s house unannounced and unfortunately that day, Chelsea was alone in Robert’s house. She had a spare key to his house and usually came and left whenever she wanted.

The day which was supposed to be a good day of bonding between a mother and her son’s wife-to-be, turned out to be a disaster. It turns out that Robert’s mum unexpected visit didn’t go down well with Chelsea because she wasn’t expecting anyone at her fiance house that day. “Who’s that?” she asked when she heard the first knock.

With no response from the knocker, Chelsea got up and headed for the door. “Oh mama! What a surprise indeed, we didn’t know you were coming” she said with a frowned face, “I wanted to surprise you people my dear, where is my son?” Robert’s mum asked as she made her way inside.

Deep down in Chelsea’s heart, she wasn’t truly happy to see the woman because she wasn’t ready for anyone to start sending her around or initiating forced conversations, but due to the fact that she needed to make a good first impression, she behaved herself.

It was 20 minutes later and Chelsea still hadn’t offered her mother in-law anything to eat or drink. Common sense didn’t tell her that the first thing she would have done after the woman had settled down, was to offer her something. Already, Robert’s mum had started getting bad signals concerning Chelsea’s character but tried to overlook things with the excuse that she was pregnant.

Well, Chelsea had just one job to do that fateful day that would have saved her relationship with Robert but failed woefully. Just as we all thought the two women were getting along, something unexpected happened.

Turns out that Robert’s mum was hungry and decided to help herself with anything she could lay her hands on in the kitchen. The woman entered the kitchen to prepare something to eat but didn’t have any clue where some of the basic things she needed where located. Due to that, she called Chelsea every now and then to help out with one thing or the other.

At first, Chelsea was pissed off but kept her cool regardless but when Robert’s mum persisted with the calling, she lost her patience and stopped answering. The old woman called her countlessly but no response was coming forth. She went in search for Chelsea just to find her watching television in the living room.

“I called you over five times but you didn’t reply, why dear?” Robert’s mum calmly inquired, “Ma’am I am pregnant and can’t be running errands for you. Everything you need is in the kitchen there, just bend your eyes and look for them” Chelsea rudely replied and before anyone knew it, a voice from nowhere said “Did you just talk to my mother like that?”.

Everyone immediately turned to see who said that. Lo & Behold, It was Robert!

End of episode 2 😉
Stay tuned…