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Gentle Spiion – UniqueBaze Artist Of The Month

Biography: UniqueBaze Artist Of The Month(Gentle Spiion)

Maximilian Kolbe, from Cameroon, North West Region, currently living in Douala. He is Popularly known by his Stage name, Gentle Spiion and was born on the 26th of April, 2003. Spiion is 17years of age and yet to complete his Secondary School Education by next year. Being a professional musician, he plays the Piano and other instruments in church and also in school, he is very talented in Singing.

His zeal and passion for music grew when he came about a man who performed a song on the stage back in his form one. The applause and cheers the man recieved moved Spiion to ask himself a question, why can’t I sing like that and others clap?So this spurred him to start a music life and it went well.

The pillar behind his music is his Mom, Lilie Tardzenyuy popularly known as Supermama. She has been a piller of support to him all these days. Spiion has only one sister.

Spiion is the owner and CEO of Spiion Studios, a record label based in Cameroon.

You can follow Gentle Spiion on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat via the handle @gentle spiion. You can also type Gentle Spiion Channel in YouTube to follow up and subscribe.

Here is one of his Numerous Songs


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