Chelsea Proceeds, ATM Crashes Out

A blissful passage for the Blues, a happy night for the fans. Since history, Atletico has proven to be one of the top flight teams and consistent in European competitions. They are also one of the worst Chelsea nightmare in history due to their physicality in the game. At the mention of their name, every Chelsea fan trembles. But tonight, that fear was overdue and history was made.

Chelsea crashed Atletico Madrid out of the Champions League Round of 16 stage with ease. A home and away defeat to the spanish side says it all. Chelsea, being ahead in the first leg through Giroud’s Scissors kick under the Management of Frank Lampard, were tagged as favourites to proceed but we all know this is football and anything is bound to happen. Miracles, Magic, just anything.

Putting up a fine show under the management of Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea were able to dismantle ATM at home soil with a 2 goal win. Taking over the midfield and making most of the threatening moves, Chelsea were indeed the favourites to go into the next round.

Hakim Ziyech score in the 34th mimute of the game through a counter attack. Timo Werner served him the ball from the left flank and all he needed was a tap in to make heads roll. In the 82nd minute, Stefan Savic recieved a red card for elbowing Antonio Rudiger. It was the most unsportsmanlike conduct of the game. 94 minutes into the game and close to the final whistle, Emerson strikes seemingly well into the net with an assist from Christan Pulisic.

This put Chelsea ahead in the dying minutes and gave them a deserving victory for a very fine play tonight. For the first time, Chelsea fans watched a match against Atletico with less hiccupps. It might be the newly found form from the English side or the poor form from the Spainards but the match was worthwhile and the stats went the right way.



Chelsea 13(5) – (8) Atletico Madrid


Chelsea 55% – 45% Atletico Madrid

Corner Kicks

Chelsea 6 – 5 Atletico Madrid


Chelsea 11 – 11 Atletico Madrid


Chelsea 19 – 15 Atletico Madrid

Throw In

Chelsea 16 – 27 Atletico Madrid


Chelsea 1 – 2 Atletico Madrid

Counter Attack

Chelsea 4 – 0 Atletico Madrid

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