Enugu Indigenes Call For Government Assistance Against Traffic Jam In Enugu Major Cities As Festivities Approach

Written by uniquebaze

Enugu is a land blessed with milk and honey, good leaders, peace and harmony, coal and so many other amazing natural resources and attributes. Enugu currently ranks number 2 on the list of safest places to live in Nigeria with exotic spots with maximum securities. Enjoyment galore as it is called, Enugu is known as the City to dine and enjoy your wealth after acquiring them elsewhere. Smiles…

Meanwhile, there is a little loophole in these afore mentioned qualities. This eats deep into the heart of the city and brings about disruption in the decorum found there in. This is nothing more but the fact that bad roads is now becoming the order of the day and the capital loop in the daily life of the inhabitants. Ranging from Abakpa Nike, Obiagu, Maryland, Agbani Road, Garriki, to mention but few. This has been a major cause of set backs when it comes to Transport business and daily movement.

Traffic jam in the cities especially Abakpa can keep a person on the road for hours to the extent of taking your lunch while waiting for a passage to surface.

Notwithstanding, the express road linking New Artisan to New Garriki and beyond which is used as an alternative route has been under construction by the Federal Government for months. Technically, the roads will be completely jammed for days during the coming festive season and it will be a destructive set back both for Transport business owners and other endeavours, owing to the predicted massive return of indigenes for festivities.

The citizens and inhabitants of Enugu therefore plead with the Government to come to their aid in order to alliviate the foreseen dangers of accident caused by bad roads and also economic setbacks.

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