Joke Galore: 10 For Laugh

Written by uniquebaze

1. GF: bby can I play candy crush on your phone
2 mins later
GF:babe who is Angela?
BF:I don’t think I’ve unlocked that level yet.

2. A man took his radio for repairs, when the radio was opened, a big rat jumped out and ran away, the man shouted
Help! Help!! Help!!! The newscaster is

3. Strong girl, strong girl common doggy style you dey mess anyhow

Nonsense 🚶🚶🚶

4. I have told my shadows to stop following me, and go and hustle outside Nigeria, we can’t be suffering together.

5. just rejected 30 million naira because it was given to me with left hand. I hate nonsense.

6. Some think it is only breakup that hurts badly. Have you ever charged your phone from morning till night only to see 1% percent.

7. A man who wanted to kill himself went to buy poison and was waiting for his change. Am wondering what he wants to do with the change.

8. When someone gives you a lift, please stop greetings people through the window because such behavior consumes fuel.

9. I love dark babies. Cos dark babes are cute, not Dark, Dark, Dark oo. I mean Dark like 6:15pm, not 10:30pm.

10. They said Covid-19 will bring the world to an end.

No the world cannot end now I haven’t even chase my daughter’s boyfriend with cutlass.

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